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Super Bowl Coming To Miami - 2020

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  • Super Bowl Coming To Miami - 2020

    With stadium renovations underway, Miami is getting another Super Bowl.

    The NFL’s owners voted today to award Super Bowl LIV in 2020 to South Florida, which edged out the other finalist for that year’s game, Tampa.

    Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has spent significant money to renovate New Miami Stadium, which has previously hosted Super Bowls XXIII, XXIX, XXXIII, XLI and XLIV (under various other names). Miami is a popular destination for the Super Bowl, but the stadium had become dilapidated in recent years and wasn’t up to the standards that the NFL looks for in a Super Bowl venue.

    Now the stadium is in the process of major renovations, and the Super Bowl is on the way back. This will be the 11th Super Bowl to be played in the Miami metropolitan area, the most Super Bowls of any host city.
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    In hindsight, it's the right year to have it.


    • Daytona Dolfan
      Daytona Dolfan commented
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      I can clearly see that.

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    Now if the Dolphins can actually play in one everything will just be lovely.


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      Its hard to believe the Dolphins were in 5 of the first 19 SB's and 0 of the past 31 SB's.


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        We will be in the 2020 SB!
        Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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          Don't care about hosting. Want to play in it.


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            Originally posted by kelbail2.2
            In hindsight, it's the right year to have it.
            lol, true...But even our hindsight isn't 20/20 as we NEVER seem to learn from our mistakes...


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              'SUPER BOWL COMING TO MIAMI' doesn't mean much to me...Wake me up when the header reads 'MIAMI COMING TO SUPER BOWL!!!!!'


              • Tarpon Guide
                Tarpon Guide commented
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                Jeeze, you are taking him back before disco was invented.....

              • DolphinsFreak
                DolphinsFreak commented
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                Yep............I'm taking him back to bell bottom jeans, ABBA, Watergate, The Godfather, Clockwork Orange, gas prices at 55 cents a gallon AND most impotantly the Dolphins PLAYING and winning in and winning a Super Bowl.

              • cuchulainn
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                DP gonna have to dig out his Demis Roussos, Gloria Gaynor, and KC and the Sunshine Band 8 tracks... lol...

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