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    There will be so many interesting battles being waged in camp this year. On the O line, Tunsil will be looking for his place to start. Douglas will battle to get back his starting LG spot. Turner will strive to show he's ready to be a mainstay with the 1st unit and Pouncey, Albert and James will all fight to stay healthy.
    The RBs have a lot to prove, the receivers will fight for playing time and Tannehill will be engaged in a battle with himself to break through new barriers and reach greater heights.
    On D, the CBs have a lot to prove, especially Maxwell and Howard. The war waged by the thousand guys along our D line will be intense and a Safety position beside R Jones is up for grabs. But it is the Linebacker unit that keeps grabbing my attention. I wish we would have taken Ragland and built the defense around that mountain of a man with all the qualities you want in your defensive General. But, even so, it doesn't mean I think we're void of talent at the position. I think the poor leadership provided by Coyle coupled with the inferior strategic tactics employed by the coaches made way for really bad defensive play carried out by frustrated soldiers who really didn't believe in their marching orders. I'm not sure at all which three guys will come out on top and where they will be lining up. My only certainty is that Alonso has the makings for greatness if healthy. So many of the other guys have intriguing attributes. The outcome? I have no idea but I have my personal favorites and I'm more than excited to watch it play out. Kill!
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    Agree on Alonso...

    Have to keep in mind that we got 4 likely Defensive starters prior to the draft in Maxwell, IAQ, Alonso, and Williams.

    The 2nd year LBs, Neville Hewitt, Zach Vigil, and Mike Hull all got on the field last season. Hewitt and Vigil showed some potential. Misi has been playing out of position with. Jenkins being a lone bright spot the past couple of seasons, apart from him battling a thigh and knee injury most of last season.

    If all goes well, we should have Alonso in the middle, with Jenkins and Misi flanking him. Alonso is a solid upgrade and brings sideline to sideline ability.

    Misi is a Strongside LB at best. Stuff the strong C gap and jam a TE off the LOS. That's his forte.

    As for all the DBs, we've brought in, Joseph's first Job is to revamp the secondary. Between developing, Howard, IEO, IAQ, Lippet, Jordan, and McCain, his hands will be completely full.


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      I think DJ will get on the field as the SAM

      Pairin him with Kiko and Misi in a base 4-3 looks legit to me


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