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ESPN thinks Thomas over Williams

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  • ESPN thinks Thomas over Williams

    Jay Ajayi is the early leader in the clubhouse to start for the Miami Dolphins, who lack proven options to turn to at running back.

    I guess they think we won't make a play for other backs still available or released at a later date.
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    Pretty dumb article... barring injury, Ajayi WILL be the 'starter' and the other are rotational/situational.

    I also doubt we're done at picking up backs. I could easily see us signing a couple more.


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      Williams and Thomas are both below average RBs and I have little faith in Drake. Let's hope Pead surprises us. Ajayi is the starter. Would have been better off taking a RG in round three. That would have done far more good for this offense than Drake. In case anyone forgot, Ajayi is a much more accomplished receiver than Drake ever was. Ajayi should have been our versatile back and we should have drafted a true RB.


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        On a side note, when the Raiduhs come to town, itll put pressure on you to make them your 2nd team hehehe.

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