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  • The Anti Hickey

    I liked Hickey in a lot of ways. Only one thing I hated about his draft philosophy....small school gems. I know many former and current Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers came from small schools but those type luck and players are far and few in between. Yet he made a habit of this the past 2 drafts.

    I'm glad our new brain trust thinks Big school 90% of the time, as far as picking players from the highest competitive level.

    1) Ole Miss (SEC)
    2) Baylor (Big 12)
    3) Bama (SEC)
    3) Rutgers (Big 10)
    6) TTech (Big 12)
    6) Penn State ( Big 10)
    7) WKentucky ( Got one for Hickey )
    7) UCLA (PAC 10)

    I approve the Big School Message!
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.

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    I had a rant at some point earlier this year or late last year about not drafting enough big school players. I was happy that this year they stayed with the big schools and kids that saw better competition and played at a high level against it. Now if they would just realize they have three schools in the state that produce a lot of NFL talent we may be ok.


    • DolphinsFreak
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      I find it strange how much talent comes out of Florida and it is even stranger that I believe much of the talent coming out of the state is usually in two or three positions, on a consistent basis.

    • Bahamas
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      I think there was a pattern - it was pointing towards the secondary for years...not sure it was the heat or the conditioning, but if you want a ball hawk in your secondary, make sure they come from Florida.

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    definitely a good sign....


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      Not sure we'll ever really know whether Hickey had a decent eye for talent or not, it's funny but he was one of the few guys that Ross didn't keep around for years past his expiration date...While Hickey didn't seem like an ego-maniac (like a Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells type) IMO it takes a guy with a lot of ego to think his eye for talent is so good that he can find the great talent at small schools while others are smart enough to mainly stay away for obvious reasons...

      Yes, as Aqua pointed out you'll occasionally find the gem from a small school, but if you're dumb enough to do most of your shopping there then you'll end up in the same unemployment line where most of these small school players end up!


      • cuchulainn
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        Hickey was Philbin's hand-picked guy. His tenure was directly tied to Philbin's. Also, there was a report that Ross was pissed at Hickey about not drafting Collins for the OL in last year's draft and Dallas ended up taking him and getting a steal.

      • AquaXI
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        Hickey, Farmer,Dawson are all the People Ross tried to hand the GM job to. Hickey got it as the next man up, now they are all out of work and seems no one has an opening for.

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      Mike Tannenbaum's role with the Dolphins while Dennis Hickey was hired to be their "General Manager"
      2014 - Consultant
      2015 - Vice President if Football Operations

      Dennis Hickey's 2014 Draft

      Round One - Tennessee (SEC)
      Round Two - LSU (SEC)
      Round Three - MVFC
      Round Four - Big South
      Round Five - Georgia (SEC)
      Round Five - Montana (Big Sky)
      Round Six - Costal Carolina (Big South)
      Round Seven - Marist (PFL)

      2015 Draft

      Round One - Louisville (ACC)
      Round Two - Oklahoma (Big 12)
      Round Three - No Pick
      Round Four. - Arizona State (Pack 12)
      Round Five - Memphis ( The American)
      Round Six - No Pick
      Round Seven - No Pick
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