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Chiefs release Jimmy Wilson

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  • Chiefs release Jimmy Wilson

    Any Takers?? Yeah, I didn't think so.
    While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.

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    If you're talking about taker's as in someone to take him out & bury him somewhere, i'm game...


    • Dolfan1
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      When we picked him in the draft I was in this kids corner. NOW??/ Uhhhhh no.

    • AquaXI
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      I heard he buried his mothers boyfriend hehehe! We held onto him for 4years while others a year or less. I think his career is all but over at this point.

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    I didn't dislike Wilson nearly as much as others here. He never materialized into the player we hoped - but he did show flashes and make some plays. Plus he was very position versatile...and, honestly how many people do we have today that you *know* are better DBs?


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      Wilson wasn't very good (and i think i'm being kind here) but i think when you consider his back-story & that he was a 7th round pick he was a lot better than many of us give him credit for...That being said, i'm hoping that when we churn the bottom of our roster & get rid of the bums who are just warm bodies, we don't replace them with more of the same (Especially one's who've been here, and failed here already **cough, cough, Daniel Thomas, cough***)


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        The problem with Wilson was the penalties and piss poor coverage skills. He never solidified a position either. He was equally bad at both CB and S. He also had an attitude issue that made him unpopular.


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