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  • Putting on the Aqua Colored Glasses

    Tunsil – Is so strong that he starts at RT and James slides in to guard – and locks down his spot all year earning some consideration for Rookie of the Year. With Bushrod taking the other G position, Miami’s line is the strongest it has been in ages allowing break out seasons for Tannehill and Ajayi. Stays out of trouble off the field and shows all the talent that got him rated as potentially the best player in the draft.

    Howard – Leads all rookie DBs with 5 INTs and does a reasonable job of minimizing penalties. Starts throughout the year and shows promise for the future. Partnership with Maxwell gives Miami two tough, physical CBs that other teams do not like to face. Ekpre-Olomu starts in the slot and shows the star potential he had before his injury.

    Drake – Runs well and catches well out of the backfield. Gets in a rotation with Ajayi, stays healthy and is a key change of pace for the offense. Shows a real propensity for game changing plays and pushes hard for the starting role.

    Caroo – Shows he really is worth three picks by starting week 1 and having a clear knack for the end zone. Leads team in TD catches and rivals Landry in his reliability and attitude. Key part of a breakout year on offense and makes the all-rookie team.

    Grant – Shows lighting in a bottle playmaking ability – running a kick and two punts back for TDs and even contributing a few electric gadget plays on offense. Leads the league in kick and punt return average and becomes a true fan favorite for his drive to overachieve.

    Lucas – Makes the 53 and flashes some ability to play when called upon. Great attitude and focus show he has some potential to turn into a starter down the road. Earns some playing time late in the season and makes a game-saving pick 6 that pushes Miami into the playoffs.

    Doughty – Turns out to be a great fit for Gase’s offense and really flashes in the pre-season. Allows us to trade Matt Moore to a team that lost its starting QB in camp and recoup the 2017 3rd rounder we traded away. Develops well over the season and is good enough to push Tannehill to raise his game.

    Duarte – Explodes in the pre-season and becomes a hot topic in camp. He earns a role on the 53 at the expense of Stoneburner. When Cameron goes down for a few weeks with a hammy, he earns his first start and shows he can be our seam threat for the future with a 2 TD performance and several clutch catches.

    ​Yes, I drank a LOT last night.....
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    Something goofy going on with your posts... the font is almost unreadable. I have to copy your text into Notepad++ to read them.

    They've announced that the plan is for James to stay at RT, Albert to stay at LT, and for Tunsil to take over LG from Dallas Thomas. Any plan that entails Dallas Thomas not starting is a good plan IMO.

    Agree on Howard. He could end up being the best Corner we've drafted since Sean Smith, except, you know, with actual playmaking ability. lol...

    Drake - Not feeling it. If, like Nole said, he's a better Reggie Bush, then by-God I hope so. So far I'm apprehensive about him.

    Carroo, I'm excited about. I think he's the other outside WR Day 1.

    Not sure what to think about Lucas. I thought he'd be a Safety, but they are saying Corner. Wondering if he'll be the slot, or a specialist of some sort.

    Doughty will be interesting to watch for sure. Hoping the kid sticks as I don't think a lot of Logan Thomas nor Zach Dysert.

    Duarte was a very nice pickup. He pwn'ed Su'a Cravens when they faced USC. He could be a matchup problem if he makes the roster and an additonal slot guy.

    Hope that wasn't bong water you were drinking... ;-)
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      Bush was heavily featured at USC. He really didn't do anything at the NFL level. Couldn't stay healthy, couldn't run between the tackles, went down too easily after contact, and his best ever season was with us more as a receiving threat than anything else.

      Drake's problem was that he broke more limbs than records and when healthy, he couldn't run up the middle effectively. Bama got frustrated with him and used him on ST and only in certain situations. He reminds me more of Miller... not durable and had to limit his carries to keep him upright.

      Hoping I'm wrong and Gase can make him into what Bush was supposed to be.

    • ONole1
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      Well in the first place I didn't say he was better than Reggie Bush. I said he reminds me of Reggie Bush, but he doesn't go down with the first contact. Reggie Bush had and outstanding college career, but never really hit it off in the NFL. Drake is yet to be seen what he does in the NFL.

    • cuchulainn
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      Sorry to have misquoted you then... but being better than Bush shouldn't be too hard - if he can stay healthy. Bush only ever had 1 really good season and that was with us back in 2011.

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    Nice read. I'm now in the mood to binge watch some superhero movies.


    • cuchulainn
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      Completely agree on the Bat-Fleck. Thought he was really good as well and was impressed with his physique. He packed on real muscle for the role. Unfortunately, they've never had a good Superman or Lois to date and hated much Lois was featured in this one. Hated the new Lex character as well. Bad casting and writing there for sure. Similar to the Spidey movies. Never been a really good one and too chic-flicky...

      Agree on CA and really enjoyed the Avengers movie as well. Winter Soldier rocked and can't wait to see the new one.

      Do you watch DareDevil on Netflix? Really fun show. Especially this season with the Punisher being featured - and no David Hasselhoff version. lol...

    • DolphinsFreak
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      I agree! Hollywood has failed at making a decent Superman movie. The last one started out okay and then took a nose dive quickly. Lois finds out everything immediately. Lame. The best Superman character in my opinion was on the tv show Smallville. I also really liked the Lex Luther character in Smallville. That actor did a great job compared to the Lex in Batman vs Superman. His personality just didn't work. Bad writing and casting.

      I watched one episode of Daredevil. I liked it but my wife and I have so many shows on our dvr that we can't get caught up. Aha I will have to check it out now though since we have the same taste in movies.

      Did you see Deadpool? If so, what did you think? I watched it a few weeks ago.

    • cuchulainn
      cuchulainn commented
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      Yep, agree on Smallville for Supes, Lois, and Lex for sure. Oddly, Ben Affleck is the only actor ever to play DareDevil, Superman, and Batman. Odd.

      The Netflix DareDevil is pretty good, especially when he gets the ''real'' costume later on in season 1, though it looks a little odd as the actor is so short and compact. He doesn't look anything like Matt Murdock from the comics, but he does a really good job with the character. It was reported he's trying to get a cameo in one of the new Marvel Movies coming out. My only complaint with the show is the language. Hard to watch it with the kids when every few minutes there's needless cursing thrown in from the cops and badguys. The Punisher character is pretty cold and ruthless. I liked that though as DD always fault with his conscious. I still have a chest full of DD comics from the early 80s that I let my kids read to better understand the character. Also, this season they are introducing Electra... should be fun.

      Haven't seen Deadpool yet as I hate Ryan Reynolds (LOL), but have heard it was pretty good and I always liked Colossus. Thought the X-Men movies should have featured Big C more. I'll probably wait and Redbox DP later.

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    I would just like to have tweaked a few things concerning our draft. I would have also not traded away Jamar Taylor.

    R1. OT/OG Laremy Tunsil - I have no problem with this pick. He could be the steal of the draft.

    R2. DB Xavien Howard - My only issue is that I would not have traded up for him.

    R3. WR Braxton Miller - If we wanted a WR in the 3rd round I would have just taken him and kept our 3rd and 4th round picks next year.

    R4. RB Ken Dixon - Many people thought he was a 2nd round talent.

    R5. LB Kentrell Brothers - A steal at this stage of the draft who fills a major need.

    R6. DT/DE Anthony Zettel - I think he has Derrick Shelby kind of potential in that he could play some at both DT and DE.

    R7. DE/LB - Stephen Weatherly - He was drafted with our original 7th round pick which we traded away.

    R7. TE Thomas Duarte - I am ok with this pick as I think he does have some upside.


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      One of my problems with the Caroo pick is that I never heard of him. I never saw one person mention his name in this forum, I didn't hear Mayock or anyone else mention him, and out of nowhere he is supposed to be this 1st round receiver that fell somehow. If that were true I would have thought I would have heard his name mentioned PRIOR to the draft. Few players are worthy of using THREE PICKS on them. That player MUST be not only a day one starter but an ELITE talent. I'm talking Pro Bowl and other accolades in his rookie season. Three Picks? Yeah, he better be something extremely special or I would fire Grier halfway through the season and let Tannrnbaum know he's next.


      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        I mentioned him a month or so ago when discussing players we'd visited with when I posted the visits list from -

        Had no expectations that we'd actually draft him, or any WR though.

        If he's better that Rishard Matthews, who took 3 years to arrive, and compares favorably to Anquan Boldin, then he'll be worth all the Walt Aikens and Jamil Douglas' we otherwise would have taken. lol...

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      Guys also don't forget that some guys we coveted in later rounds that was drafted by others may end up on their practice squads and if we are short handed we can pick them up. Now Veterans will start to get dropped also after the draft.
      The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


      • cuchulainn
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        Fully expect us to poach a RB or two. I can't stomach the thought of watching Daniel Thomas in a Fins uni falling for 3 yards a carry.

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