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Just a thought about getting Tunsil.

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  • Just a thought about getting Tunsil.

    Was thinking this last night. With Tunsil falling all the way to the 13th pick, our trade with Philly now netted us three starters and it cost us ZERO. In fact, it saved us money. Here's my thinking.

    Say we never made the trade with Philly and we sat at the 8th pick. Obviously Tunsil would have been there and there is a real strong chance we would have taken him then, BUT, instead with the trade to Philly, we dropped 5 spots, got two starters for doing so, and still got the guy we probably would have taken at the 8th spot anyway. Now we only have to pay him what he's entitled to as a 13th pick instead of an 8th pick. BRILLIANT!!!
    While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.

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    That it is. I'll happily take the difference in pay for the Dolphins. 😀


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      IF the Dolphins never made the trade with the Eagles they wouldn't have a cornerback and a possible starting linebacker. They would be sitting there at #8 with Vernon Hargreaves, Laremey Tunsil, Jack Conklin, Leonard Floyd and Eli Apple sill on the board. I am not sure that the Dolphins would have had the guts to draft Tunsil at #8 without having a starting caliber cornerback on their team. I think the trade back with the Eagles helped make this whole thing happen, as if it was meant to be. Let's all hope and pray that it was meant to be for GREAT reasons, as if something new and spectacular was about to happen to the Miami Dolphins, like they were going to have good luck now and start winning games and finally make the playoffs on a regular basis.


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        If they stayed true to their board, Tunsil would have still been the BPA at that point so they probably still would have grabbed him and left us all screaming how freakin stupid they were for passing on some of the most wanted players by all of us.
        While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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          No Trade Happened - If the Dolphins draft Tunsil then they have improved their offensive line but have NOBODY at cornerback and a few Average Joe's at linebacker.

          The Trade Happened - They have a starting cornerback so they don't need to draft one in the early rounds. They also have a starting linebacker so that is no longer a position of desperate need. And, to top all that off, they landed the best player in the draft, who just so happens to play a position that the Dolphins are weakest at.

          The trade with the Eagles was looked at as a terrible move by some. They even ranked Tannenbaum as the worst GM in the league because of it.

          I don't care for Tannenbaum. I thought he was an egomaniac and just liked to overspend on players to have his name in the headlines. However, this Eagles trade is looking better and better every time I look at it. IF Maxwell plays like he did in Seattle and Kiko Alonso's knee stays healthy this was the best offseason move in a long time in my opinion.


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          I don't think we were staying at #8 regardless and if we hadn't made the trade with the Eagles, I think we would have tried to move up to #4 or #5 for Ramsey.

          I also think a ton of college kids are deleting videos and pics today. lol...


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