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  • The Cleveland Browns...

    Just read that after trading down a couple of times, the Browns (barring any more trades) will have TWO full drafts worth of picks in 2017 (PLUS the Eagles 2nd rounder in '18!!) That is freakin' CRAZY!!!

    I'm thinking if the woeful Browns can't take two whole drafts in a single offseason and put a competitive team on the field in the next couple of years..they might want to consider leaving town, AGAIN!

    The Browns are loading up on future draft picks, to such an extent that they think they might end up with the equivalent of two full drafts in 2017.

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    Well, it's the Browns, right? You can count on them ''screwing the pooch'', pun intended.

    Only thing they ever do well is fk up the draft for everyone else.


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      I think now with Jackson running the show they can be good not great. Then you got (erko) in Sashi Brown with his analytics.
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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