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How will you judge eagles trade?

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  • How will you judge eagles trade?

    I don't remember if this was spoken about or not. I was wondering in your guys minds what would it take for the trade with the Eagles to be seen as a win for us?

    In my eyes I believe we need to select a starter with the 13th pick in the first round. Both maxwell and Alonso will start from day 1 but one will have to stand out. I believe maxwell will be better then he was last year, but that that shouldn't be to hard. He wont be top 10 cb but he should be top 20. This new defense suits him. Also as long as Alonso's knee stays healthy I believe we will all be excited that we have him on our team. I can not wait to see Alonso play. He is a special player but has a troubled knee. So for it to be a win in my eyes Alonso has to stay healthy and we select a starter with our first rounder.

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    I actually didn't mind the trade. Tannebaum viewed it as he got three starters from the trade (including the draft pick). If Alonza stays healthy he's instantly the best LB on the team and before he got hurt last year he was a tackling machine. Maxwell, was not playing in the right scheme in Philadelphia. Miami's coverage scheme will be very similar to what he played in Seattle, so he will be much better, or at least in theory he should be.


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      If they both end up being starters and stay relatively healthy for most of the season. Alonso needs to at least be close to the player he was as a rookie for the Bills. Maxwell needs to be closer to the player he was in Seattle than how he played last year. We don't need either of them to be Pro Bowlers, but just be competent productive players.


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        Anytime a team not in our conference picks a QB in front of us makes it better. Still it doesn't guarrentee us Hargreaves or Elliot but if they get chosen by Gmen or Bears then others such as Stanley fall to us. There's only 12 slots in front and 2 maybe 3 will be QB so somebody unexpected falls to us.
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          I liked the trade as it instantly upgraded 2 weak positions and gave us starters at both. Hoping Alonso can stay healthy and return to pro-bowl form.

          As for #13, I'm fine with it as I like being in the TOP 15 in the draft and we're in great position for a top DE, LB, or CB.

          Hoping Shaq Lawson drops to us.

          If we drop down again in a trade with the Falcons or Colts for #17 or #18, I'd be fine taking Apple, Alexander, Ragland, or an OT like Conklin.


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            A "D", thats the grade.....

            Picked up some maybe's, not sure, hopefulls......but the worse part, we dropped in the draft, Maimi doesn't have the players to be losing very good picks.....


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              I liked it then and I like it now. We added a starting CB and a starting LB to drop 5 spots, that is a freaking steal IMO! And if you look at that last 20 years I think you'll find more stars came from the #13 pick then from the #8 pick. I think both Maxwell and Alonzo are going to have VG seasons for the phins and at the end of the season people are going to change their tune about this trade and admit the Dolphins fleeced the Eagles on this trade.
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                Already judged it. It was bold. It is a gamble. It was solid, logical thinking that has the ability to net us three (maybe four if we trade back) very good starters, one being a blue chip coverage LB that can give Brady fits. No guts, no glory. Not counting on this but what if...what if Kiko Alonso ended up being instrumental in reviving Dion Jordan's career. I'd have to count him as part of this deal. This is the one deal the Dolphins have made that can catapult us upwards if Miracle Max can bring on the healing.


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                  It's WAY too early to judge this trade in my opinion. There are too many "what ifs" involved. Will Maxwell play at a high level like in Seattle if he is put in a new scheme or was he a product of being on an elite defense? Will Kiko Alonso's knee be healthy this season and the seasons following. Will a elite player fall to #8 that we will regret not drafting? Will Tannenbaum be able to land a STARTING caliber at #13 who will make an immediate impact?

                  It's too early to tell but we will all know soon enough whether this trade was great or if it was a bust.
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