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    In another thread they have Tannenbaum listed as the worst GM in the NFL.

    IF this ranking was an overall ranking, over his entire career as GM, then their ranking 'might' have some weight to their argument. But, Dolphins fans would still question Speilman being ranked #8 though. :-)

    The website gives their opinion on why Tannenbaum is ranked last. They stated that the positive thing he has done was to NOT pay Olvier Vernon a ridiculous salary. I agree. What their reasoning behind giving Tannenbaum the title of Worst General Mananger in the league was the trade with the Eagles where they swapped draft picks, #8 and #13, where the Dolphins got Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso for dropping back 5 spots in the draft.

    Byron Maxwell is a really good cornerback, period. He was the starting cornerback on the Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks. He couldn't have been a starter on s team that won the Super Bowl if he wasn't talented.

    Kiko Alonso was traded to the Eagles a year ago straight across, player for player, for one of the best running backs in the league, LeSean McCoy. Some experts challenged this trade but ONLY because McCoy was so talented, NOT because Kiko Alonso wasn't talented enough or worthy enough to be traded for McCoy. SO, if Alonso was good enough to be traded player for player for one of the best RB's in the league, shouldn't this trade with the Eagles look like Tannenbaum just took candy from a baby? I mean, all he did was drop back 5 spots and got a Super Bowl talented cornerback, who is 4-5 inches taller than Grimes, AND he got a linebacker who has the trade value of one of the best running backs in the game.

    Alonso's knee will be the key ingredient for this trade being one of the best trades in this offseason or the biggest busts. Also, Tannenbaum MUST hit a home run with their #13 pick, or whomever they pick in the first round after moving around if that's what he chooses to do.

    Alonso's knee and the 1st round draft selection should be the key factors in determining whether Tannenbaum is one of the best or worst GM's in the NFL.
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    Agreed... it all comes down to the draft and ultimately how the team plays this season. All these sort of rankings are meaningless at this point.


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      yep.. If both players play to a level at or near where they were in 2013 (Alonzo) and 2014 (Maxwell) then we fleeced the Eagles. I don't see how anyone sees that as a bad trade, the only reason is Miami made it. 5 spots for two starters, both of who played at a Pro Bowl level within the past 2 seasons. Maxwell was the hottest CB on the FA market last season, which is why the Eagles made him their #1 off season signing. They may have over paid for him, but who isn't getting overpaid these days in FA. Ummm Suh? Over paid! OV? Extremely overpaid! Just about every FA signed this season in that first few days of the feeding frenzy was grossly overpaid.

      So if you look at this trade moving down 5 spots basically is worth a low second or high third round pick if you look at the points assigned to the picks. Basically we got two players coming off down years (but who have both played at a high level very recently), both players still in the prime of their careers, and both players who excelled in the defensive scheme we run versus what they played last year. Two solid starters and potential pro bowl type players for what is equivalent of a 3rd round pick. Not sure about you guys, but I'd take Alonzo and Maxwell over the Eagles 3rd round pick all day long.

      IMO both these players are going to succeed and thrive in Miami. A year from now the idiot who wrote that article will be listing those moves as brilliant.
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        I am not convinced you can get a guaranteed starting corner at number 8 period. You can get a good cornerback prospect. So to get a starting corner just for moving back 5 slots it's a good deal to me. I remember Alonzo 2 years ago, but anything we get from him is just bonus IMO.


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          I loved Alonso coming out of Oregon because he was such a tough LB and defended passes like a FS. I knew Maxwell would fail in Philly because Philly always go out and pays the highest priced CB on the FA market and they never play well for the Eagles. I still love the trade. History has proven the 13th pick in the 1st round has outplayed the #8 pick so I'm not sure how we lost in that deal. Tannehill proves the #8 pick is no surefire guarantee.


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