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Rams pull Skins type trade for #1 overall

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  • Rams pull Skins type trade for #1 overall

    The Rams traded with the Titans for the #1 overall in the draft...

    - Rams keep only 3 picks from this draft and also gave up next years 1st and 3rd. Dafuq?

    - Titans get the 15th overall, then the 43rd, 45th, 76th AND the Rams 2017 1st & 3rd.

    - The Rams get this year's 1st, the 113th & 177th overall.

    Hi, guys!

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    Rams are stupid cause Wentz and Goff ain't Luck. Then again they robbed Redskins so payback.
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      With QB's you just never know. They could end up like Luck or Leaf, or something in the middle of mediocre like our QB Tanny. Bold move that will either set the franchise back or make them a contender. Great move for Tennessee. That is truly a team on the rise now. Why when we had the 1st or 2nd pick didn't anyone want to give us shit for it.. UGH!
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        Wonder who they are targeting? If it aint Tunsil, Ramsey, or Jack I would say that is an awful price to pay. This is not a Superstar draft beyond those 3, IMHO.


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          Thank God this is happening to someone else, this is the kind of move that sinks your team....ignorant....


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            Come to find out the trade happened on Wed but neither team announced it out of respect for Kobe Bryant's last game. Mighty nice of them.


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              Great, now Kobe can rape girls all he wants.....

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            Is there really much difference between Wentz, Goff and Lynch? They probably could have just stayed put at #15 and drafted Lynch.


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