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First OTA of 2016 starts today

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  • First OTA of 2016 starts today

    Finally some team activity and the coaches and players can start meshing for real and share playbooks and schemes and stuff.

    MD site has been posting pics. At a glance, I thought Chris Grier was Barry Bonds this morning. lol...

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    Misi showed up for his bubble-wrapping...


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      Landry with the crazy piss colored hair covered by a cap...


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        Kenny Stills looking like he just got caught smoking in the Jr High bathrooms...


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          Not impressed with Jamil Douglas' appearance at all. He has ZERO definition in his neck, chest, or arms. For some who performed as badly as he did, I expected him to spend his off time working out and wanting to make a solid impression this season. He has a fat, flabby neck and his man boobs run all the way under his arms. NOT a good sign. Compare him to James, who has an outstanding physique for a Tackle and looks ready to play today... Douglas looks like he spent his off time eating bags of Cheeto Puffs.




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            Dallas Thomas sporting his Omar locks and needing a bra.


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              Haha funny stuff Cuch. I would usually give these things a "come on man" but after last year and years before this acceptable now hahaha.


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                Originally posted by VAIDER5120 View Post
                Haha funny stuff Cuch. I would usually give these things a "come on man" but after last year and years before this acceptable now hahaha.

                Indeed... pisses you off when you see guys like Suh or Wake show up each and every season looking ready to play from day 1 of OTAs, then the other shatheads show up looking like they've been eating cheetos and donuts everyday. These guys get no slack until they start playing up to snuff and keeping their bodies in shape year round.

                Start calling our OL the Miami Doughboys.


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                  I was thinking OTA's are here....


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                    I thought they were all going to a Tattoo parlor hehehe.
                    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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                      More OTA pics of the OL working out...


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                        ... sources seem kind of proud of what is happening over there on the first day that new coach Adam Gase's gathers the team en masse.

                        This is also new head strength coach Dave Puloka's first day with most of his team in the weight room.

                        The bigest news is that Ndamukong Suh was present.

                        Look, this is news because Suh has always had a reputation for being in and out during the offseason. He works out at the Nike training facility in Oregon every year -- or at least he has throughout his career. That caused, um, questions in Detroit because he didn't show up to the Lions program in the offseason.

                        It wasn't such a big deal to the Dolphins last year because Suh, the team's highest paid defensive player, showed up early in the program before leaving to do his own thing. And Football Czar Mike Tannenbaum, curious as to what his own thing was, flew to Oregon to see Suh's work.

                        I'm told Suh works in a state of the art environment that simulates the weather of Davie, Florida, where the Dolphins train, in the dead of summer. (That is hot and humid, folks).

                        And he's hooked up to diagnostic machines and oxygen and other breathing apparatus throughout his work. Think opening for Six Million Dollar Man.

                        The point here is Suh is in South Florida and working, but no one should question what he's doing when and if he disappears later during the program.

                        Cameron Wake, Ryan Tannehill, Jarvis Landry, Mike Pouncey, Byron Maxwell, Mario Williams, Kiko Alonso, Jay Ajayi, Branden Albert, Ja'Wuan James, Kenny Stills are among the majority of players who showed up today. All need good seasons for different reasons. I am still endeavoring to see if anyone failed to attend and will update with that.


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                          Link to Chris McCain's Periscope... (not a penis joke)... lol... He's was streaming live and interacting with fans. Some of his comments were hysterical... specially liked the "Fk Alabama" and "Fk the Jets" comments. lol...

                          Warning on the language.


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                            Originally posted by cuchulainn View Post
                            I am still endeavoring to see if anyone failed to attend and will update with that
                            I heard Daniel Thomas didn't show up...Seems he thought the whole story of the Fins bringing him back was an April Fool's joke as well...


                            • cuchulainn
                              cuchulainn commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Sort of like the rest of tenure here - a bad joke.

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                            Where's D. Jordan????????? Probably smoking Dope on a boat some where.... SMH!


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