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More Fins good news..i know, how much can we take, right?!

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  • More Fins good news..i know, how much can we take, right?!

    Actually, this might be good news, might not,, depending upon your take..The preseason schedule was announced yesterday and our third preseason game at home against the Falcons is going to be nationally televised (Kind of cool b/c we all know the 3rd preseason game is the most important, where starter's get the most work) ...Game 1 we play @ Giants, game 2 @ Cowboys, game 3 Falcons, Aug. 25th at 8pm, and the last game is at home against the Titans. All other preseason games exact dates & times are yet to be determined, other than the announced nationally televised ones.

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    Nice... have a buddy who is a Bama headcase, I mean fan, but also follows the FAILcons since they drafted Julio Jones. I'm sure we'll be ribbing each other during the game.

    Just hoping for competent execution and no injuries... and the win of course. Lol...


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      I'm hoping for hope! To see something out of the new coaching staff that helps you to believe they have some clue how to select and utilize talent! Can you imagine if Philbin was still the coach? Here's to hoping anyway.


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        As the "hope" dwindles with every tear that rolls down my face... Go Dolphins!

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