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    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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    What are Mel's picks....


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      Originally posted by Seadog View Post
      What are Mel's picks....
      I have no idea yet. Kiper likes to wait until the last possible second to announce his picks, as it's a matter of national security, but he pretends it is so he knows every single move that teams make prior to the draft so he can be more accurate. Even by doing so he still gets way more wrong then right.
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


      • Seadog
        Seadog commented
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        OK, good luck, we'll keep an eye on it...

        My first pick for the Dolphins....the player that is most injured but played outstanding in PeeWee league....

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      Kiper has 4 mock drafts out. I think no way Heargraves goes that high, and no way Fins go DE. They just signed Williams. They go DBm LB or RB. Maybe OL if someone falls they really like.


      • Finatic
        Finatic commented
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        Just bigger needs. We have much greater voids at LB and DB and RB.

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      Tennessee Titans - Jalen Rasmey, CB
      Cleveland Browns - Carson Wentz QB
      San Diego Chargers - Laremy Tunsil OT
      Dallas Cowboys - Ezekiel Ellioit RB

      Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack LB
      Baltimore Ravens - DeForest Buckner DE
      San Francisco 49ers -Jared Goff QB
      Philadelphia Eagles -Joey Bosa DE
      Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Leonard Floyd LB
      New York Giants - Ron Stanley OT
      Chicago Bears - Vernon Hargreaves CB
      New Orleans Saints - shaq Lawson DE
      Miami Dolphins - Jack Conklin OT
      Oakland Raiders - Reggie Ragland LB
      Los Angeles Rams - Paxton Lynch QB
      Detroit Lions - Taylor decker OT
      Atlanta Falcons - DE - Noah Spence
      Indianapolis Colts - Laquon treadmill WR

      Buffalo Bills - Robert Nkemdiche DE
      New York Jets - Darren Lee LB
      Washington Redskins - Chris Jones DT
      Houston Texans - Corey Coleman WR
      Minnesota Vikings - Will Fuller WR
      Cincinnati Bengals - Eli Apple CB
      Pittsburgh Steelers - Emmanual Ogbah DE
      Seattle Seahawks - Keani Neal S
      Green Bay Packers - Darren Lee LB
      Kansas City Chiefs - Shawn Robinson DE
      Arizona Cardinals - Mackensie Axlexander CB
      Carolina Panthers - Jason Spriggs OT
      Denver Broncos- Jarran Reed DT

      Mixing it up!
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      • AquaXI
        AquaXI commented
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        I actually can see us with Conklin.

      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        Ricky letting me down. I was expecting a full 7 rounds of running backs and OGs. ;-)

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      Here is his Mel's4.0 that came out a couple days ago:

      1. Tennessee - OT Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss
      2. Cleveland - QB Carson Wentz -North Dakota State
      3. San Diego - DB Jalen Ramsey - FSU
      4. Dallas - DE Joey Bosa, Ohio St
      5. Jacksonville - LB Myles Jack - UCLA
      6. Baltimore - RB Ezekiel Elliot - Ohio St
      7. San Francisco - QB Jared Goff - California
      8. Philadelphia - DE Deforest Buckner - Oregon
      9. Tampa Bay - OT Ronnie Stanley - Notre Dame
      10. NY Giants - OT Jack Conklin - Michigan St
      11. Chicago - OLB Leanoard Floyd - Georgia
      12. New Orleans - DL Sheldon Rankins - Louisville
      13. Miami - OLB Darren Lee - Ohio St
      14. Oakland - DB Vernon Hargreaves - Florida
      15. LA Rams- QB Paxton Lynch - Memphis
      16. Detroit - WR Laquan Treadwell - Ole Miss
      17. Atlanta - LB Reggie Ragland - Alabama
      18. Indianapolis - OT Tayler Decker - Ohio St
      19. Buffalo - DE - Shaq Lawson - Clemson
      20. NY Jets - OT Germaine Ifedi - Texas A&M
      21. Washington - DL Jarron Reed - Alabama
      22. Houston - WR Corey Coleman - Baylor
      23. Minnesota - WR Josh Doctson - TCU
      24. Cincinnati - WR Will Fuller - Notre Dame
      25. Pittsburgh - CB William Jackson III - Houston
      26. Seattle - CB Eli Apple - Ohio St
      27. Green Bay - OLB Kamalei Correa - Boise St
      28. Kansas City - S Vonn Bell -Ohio St
      29. Arizona - C Ryan Kelly - Alabama
      30. Carolina - DE Emmanuel Ogbah - Oklahoma St
      31. Denver - DL A'Shawn Robinson - Alabama


      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        I would change my name to Elvis if that draft happened because I would SHOOT my television!!!!!!!!!! Two Reason - If Buckner falls to #8 with the Dolphins trading that pick I would lose my mind.........then the cherry on top would be for the Dolphins to waste their #13 pick on Darren Lee. "BAM!"

      • AquaXI
        AquaXI commented
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        Don't worry, the Miami Dolphins will hire Kevin Costner to call them up with the Jedi mind trick. We will have Buckner and they will take the 13th and Daniel Thomas.
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      DF how did you compare with Kiper in the 2015 draft?


      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        Last year was kind of ugly. I think we may have tied last year or it could have been the time he beat me. I wish I could go on the old forum to look.

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      The Rams/Titans trade really mixed things up quite a bit. It's amazing how ONE TRADE can totally change a draft. I am hoping more trades happen so that some quality players fall into the Miami Dolphins spot at #13.
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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        Speaking of ugly kids...


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          1. LAR QB Jared Goff

          2. PHI QB Carson Wentz

          3. SD OT Laremy Tunsil

          4. DAL RB Ezekiel Elliott

          5. JAC DB Jalen Ramsey

          6. BAL OT Ronnie Stanley

          7. SF DE Deforest Buckner

          8. CLE DE Joey Bosa

          9. TB DE/OLB Leonard Floyd

          10. NYG OT Jack Conklin

          11. CHI DE Shaq Lawson

          12. NO DT Sheldon Rankins

          13. MIA DB Vernon Hargreaves

          14. OAK LB Myles Jack

          15. TEN OT Taylor Decker

          16. DET DT Jarran Reed

          17. ATL LB Darron Lee

          18. IND C Ryan Kelly

          19. BUF LB Reggie Ragland

          20. NYJ QB Paxton Lynch

          21. WAS DT A'Shawn Robinson

          22. HOU WR Will Fuller

          23. MIN WR Laquon Treadwell

          24. CIN WR Corey Coleman

          25. PIT DB Eli Apple

          26. SEA DE/DT Robert NKemdiche

          27. GB DT Andrew Billings

          28. KC DB William Jackson

          29. ARI WR Josh Docston

          30. CAR DB Artie Burns

          31. DEN OG Cody Whitehair


          • cuchulainn
            cuchulainn commented
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            As good as any assertion from Omar. We're practically guaranteed NOT to take Hargreaves now. ;-)

          • DolphinsFreak
            DolphinsFreak commented
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            Is this Mel Kiper's final mock draft ?

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          No its mine.


          • DolphinsFreak
            DolphinsFreak commented
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            Okay. Thanks. I still looking for Kipers so I can go toe to toe with Mr. Bouffant.

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          Kiper has us taking [email protected]#13


          • HndRkyaBong34
            HndRkyaBong34 commented
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            It sure makes me leery to draft a injured player with your 1st pick.. He is a great player but will he ever shake the knee injury? IMO I don't think so...

          • cuchulainn
            cuchulainn commented
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            Parker and Ajayi BOTH had injury flags and both played well in limited action of last season. Ajayi's knee issues were BS and he was only limited by a rib injury sustained in the PS. Jack is currently still rehabbing, but was able to fully participate in UCLA's pro day. Barring another injury,he'll be GTG for camp. No worried about him at all at this point. Doubt he makes it to #13.

          • Wulf
            Wulf commented
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            The mock that's at right now shows Mike Mayock and Charley Casserly having us taking Shaq Lawson at #13, whereas Daniel Jeremiah, Bucky Brooks, Curtis Conway, and Charles Davis say we take Ezekiel Elliott. Chad Reuter says Vernon Hargreaves, and Lance Zierlein went with Eli Apple.
            Even though Wake and Williams are getting older, I would prefer to NOT go DE with the 1st round...

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          Anyone know who Mel Kiper has in his first round mock draft ?
          "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


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            Damn Freak, you're 4 out of 5 so far!!


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              Originally posted by Driven_Phinsane! View Post
              Damn Freak, you're 4 out of 5 so far!!
              I would have changed my draft around if I would have been by my computer when Tunsil posted pictures of himself wearing a gasmask getting high. AHA
              "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton


              • Driven_Phinsane!
                Driven_Phinsane! commented
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                No shit...Man, you just can't fix stupid....Having said that, we'll probably take him!

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