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Stupid Omar article... ''fairytale''

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  • Stupid Omar article... ''fairytale''

    What a jackass...

    Kelly: Here's proof Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill performs better in a clean pocket

    ... quarterback Ryan Tannehill's raw statistics during that period can't be ignored. In those seven games over the past two seasons Tannehill, who has been the most sacked quarterback in the NFL during his four-year run as a starter, produced an impressive 107.0 passer rating.

    During those seven games Tannehill clearly benefited from a cleaner pocket, and the Dolphins run game was more consistent, averaged 147.3 rushing yards and scoring six rushing touchdowns in those seven contests.

    That explains why the Dolphins averaged 30.5 points in those games, which were against three teams that made it to the playoffs those seasons.

    Tannehill completed 70 percent of his passes in those seven games. He averaged 254 passing yards, threw 15 touchdowns and five interceptions. He was sacked 17 times in those seven games, which averages out to 2.43 sacks per contest, which is better than his 2.87 sacks per game career average.

    Now, it should be pointed out that every NFL teams faces injuries, and few teams have benefited from a completely healthy offensive line for an entire season. So expecting things to be perfect is nothing but a fairytale.

    Yeah, NS... ALL QBs benefit from either a clean pocket, or just A pocket that doesn't implode in under 3 seconds, much less having quality OLmen - as do running backs. Tannehill doesn't need a fairytale, nor elite linemen - he just needs starting quality OLmen for an average OL.

    Perfect? How about just NOT a Mongolian Cluster fook on the OL?

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    So basically we've had 7 games the past 2 seasons where the OL ''starters'' were all together and either played well or just didn't shat the bed and the QB and RBs were able to perform up to expectations and Omar acts like it's not a realistic expectation that these OLmen should be able to do this more than 3 or 4 games out of 16 each season.

    Omar needs to GTFOH with this fairytale BS. The jets starting OL were together for 10 games last season and 4 of their 5 starters started and finished 15 games together. Same with a lot of other teams around the league. It's why having quality linemen AND quality depth matters.


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      He got his research from the Miko institute of numbers science. She claims to have a clean pocket.
      The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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        Omar's just upset now that he has to take a bus to Tampa when Brent is on the road playing.....


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          No doubt the short bus... hope it breaks down on him and he has to stay.

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        Omar topped it off by claiming the Dolphins weakness at CB isn't as severe as most claim. He actually said the Dolphins will be fine starting Bobby McCain opposite Maxwell with Tony Lippett as our #3. I think Maxwell can be good. I think Lippett is a great athlete with excellent ball skills but the transformation to a full-time CB is far from a certainty. In fact, I agree with Freak that he should be looked at as our #3 WR. But Bobby McCain? Bobby McCain? Really? He was TERRIBLE. I'm not pitching him on to the scrap heap just yet but I'm a lot closer to doing that than naming him a starter. I'd like to see Omar's all-time Dolphins' defensive backfield. Let me try to guess.
        CB- JB Brown
        FS- Cris Clemons
        SS- Jimmy Wilson
        CB- Bobby McCain


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