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    I saw a lot of you mocking and this list should help/eliminate or confuse you on who the fins are looking at and which position

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    I don't get all the ex-spurts having us taking DE in 1st round? We spent the farm on our DL last year, we have a good DL, we lost Vernon, but he wasn't that great. I like Williams as his replacement. Maybe 5th round DE, but 1st??? This team has too many glaring holes to get 3rd string depth in 1st round at DE.


    • AquaXI
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      Tannenbaum wants 5 Centers on a basketball team heheh!

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    What shocked me about this list is they have the Fins tied to ZERO O linemen or Rb. I don't trust our OL or coaches. I don't trust a RB Ajayi who has a knee that is bone on bone lasting more that 4 games.


    • DolphinsFreak
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      Some of these so-called experts don't like to be wrong so they don't think outside the box and formulate their own opinions. All they do is look at who a certain team has had or is going to have meetings with and then predicts that the team is going to draft those players. It's not that simple. Some players are brought in for legitimate reasons and others are smokescreens or brought in for Plan B,C,D reasons. It's not as simple as just having a meeting with a team. I would be really surprised if this front office doesn't draft a linemen in the first 3-4 rounds.

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    I've seen smokescreens in the past and I've seen where we actually took who we were suppose to. I can still see us taking Conklin,Ragland or Lawson but one thing is for sure. If Hargreaves is there then we are picking him bar none!
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      You can never have enough good pass rushers or corners... Bring em on.


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