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Walter Thurmond III ?

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  • Walter Thurmond III ?

    Is there something about him that I don't know about? Why hasn't anyone signed him? Why haven't the Dolphins signed him? I heard he "might" retire, at the age of 28, but wouldn't you bring him in and see if you can get him to continue his career? I read that he has turned down offers of 4 million but I think he is probably worth more then that. Why not offer him 5 million on a 3 year deal that is back loaded ?
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    yeah, i forgot all about Thurmond & haven't heard anything about him..I know i really wanted him a couple of years ago but really haven't heard much about him since...Crazy how many good players are retiring or considering retiring early,, yet the Daniel & Dallas Thomases of the world keep plodding along collecting an NFL paycheck!!!!!
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      Money... Thurmond is wanting a big payday and has turned down a couple teams already who've offered him $4M a season. He's wanting in the neighborhood of $6+...


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