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2016 Miami Dolphin Draft Picks.

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  • 2016 Miami Dolphin Draft Picks.

    The Miami Dolphins have eight selections in the 2016 NFL draft, which will be held April 28-30 in Chicago. The Dolphins do not have any compensatory picks this year.
    Here’s a breakdown of the Dolphins' selections:
    First round: No. 13 overall selection
    Second round: No. 42 overall selection
    Third round: No. 73 overall selection
    Fourth round: No. 107 overall selection
    Fifth round: No. 147 overall selection
    Sixth round: No. 186 overall selection
    Seventh round: No. 227 overall selection (from Baltimore Ravens)
    Seventh round: No. 231 overall selection
    This is an important draft for Miami under first-year head coach Adam Gase. The team needs players who fit Gase's system, as well as the system under new defensive coordinator Vance Joseph. The Dolphins also have several well-defined needs, such as running back, cornerback and guard.
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    4 picks in the first 107 picks should be very interesting. We are in great position to have possibly 4 starters if we play our cards right. Come On Grier!
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      ''The Dolphins also have several well-defined needs, such as running back, cornerback and guard.''

      And that best NOT be the order in the draft. lol... No way in Hell do I want our first pick wasted on a RB. Zeke is good, but he ain't no Todd Gurley. Wait and take a back later in the draft. If we'd taken Ajayi in the 2nd - where he actually graded out as before the ''knee'' issue, I doubt we'd be having any conversations around drafting a RB at the top of the draft.


      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        Dunno bout sliced bread, but definitely since 1997. lol... Give me a better ''real'' option at QB and I'm all over it.

        After Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, I'm wary of Bama backs. Too much a product of a system and solid OLs. I'd rather take Dixon or Prosise in the 3rd, or Drake or Marshall in the 4th.

        Agree that's easy to game plan to stuff anyone behind Dallas, Douglas, or Fox... ;-)

      • HndRkyaBong34
        HndRkyaBong34 commented
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        I agree with the Ingram and T, Rich That haven't done well in converting but Henry will be a NFL baller.. Mark my words.. as for RT and options, there isn't any right now.. We need to Draft a QB and Bring FA vets for competition any chance we get.. It's good for RT and the Dolphins.. if I was the FO, I would bring in a handful of QB's in this years draft for a workout just to mess with RT.. And I would defiantly draft a QB in the Late Rds of this years draft... V. Adams, Coker and a few others should be there in later rounds..

      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        To no surprise I agree with Bong on this one. I would move around the draft and and try and pick up some more picks. I would draft at minimum 1-2 quarterbacks in this years draft. I think there is a diamond in the rough in this draft at the quarterback position. I don't know if it's Brandon Allen or Coker but I do think a mid to late round pick in this draft will end up being better then some of the first rounders.

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      Here you go Ricky... Armando's got your back... ;-)

      ''... some running back possibilities after the first round?

      I like Derrick Henry if he's there in the second round.

      Go ahead, kill me.

      With their 42nd overall pick, the Miami Dolphins select the Heisman Trophy winner!

      Yes, I know I just got done telling you running backs can be found later. And running back is a need but defensive ends and even a linebacker or another cornerback might be greater importance to the Dolphins.

      But I just like this player. I like the value for him at No. 42. I think he's going to be good. I don't care what past University of Alabama running backs have done or not done. I think he was great in pee wee, great in high school, great in college, and he's going to be great in the NFL if he gets with the right team.

      I think he is a downhill guy who can put his foot in the dirt with decisiveness. I think at 242 pounds he can create some of his own yardage. I think he's fast enough, running the 40 in 4.58ish.

      He reminds me of Steven Jackson, formerly of the St. Louis Rams.

      So, now the alarm clock sounds and my dream is over. And when the Dolphins don't pick Henry or any running back in the second round because they think a defensive end or cornerback or linebacker is more valuable, that means they still have to get one later on.

      So Alex Collins of Arkansas (fumble problems), Devontae Booker of Utah (best of this group in my opinion), Kenneth Dixon of Louisiana Tech (durability questions), C.J. Prosise of Notre Dame (raw and inexperienced) and Jordan Howard of Indiana University (not flashy, gets caught from behind some, meh) are considered by the "experts" to be the next wave of runners available in the third or fourth rounds.

      Did I mention I like Derrick Henry in the second round?

      GM Mando's first two rounds would look like ... Eli Apple in the first and Derrick Henry in the second. And both are starting immediately.

      Stop laughing! ''


      • HndRkyaBong34
        HndRkyaBong34 commented
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        The First time I ever agreed armooooondo... Shoot me now... He's been reading my post....

      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        Armando has actually become a very good writer the past couple seasons. Not sure what's up with that. lol...

        Not sure I see Steven Jackson in Henry either, but we'll see how it pans out. ;-)

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