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  • Who will they pick?

    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.

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    That was an interesting article and it breaks down what our needs and options are really well. I have been on the Apple bandwagon for awhile now but maybe trading down even further would be a good decision. If we could trade down to around the #20 position and pick up an extra 3rd round pick I would be in favor of that. I doubt another team would give us their 2nd round pick. I am intrigued by Reggie Ragland more and more. We need a physical presence like him on our defense. The article also mentioned that Kiko Alonso is not a true MLB. He might be better off moving outside. Its possible we could still get a quality corner in the 2nd round. Then draft an OG and perhaps a RB with our 2 3rd round picks.


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      Gase mentioned that they were going to try Kiko at MLB, but he'd probably end up taking over WLB with Misi manning MLB. I'd rather find an upgrade at MLB and put Misi at SLB along with the 2nd year guys... Jenkins, Vigil, Hewitt, and a couple others are still in the mix though.


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        What about a trade down with the Colts to the #18 pick? They need o-line help and they might want to trade up for LT Jack Conklin since he probably won't last until the 18th pick. We would then get their 3rd round pick #82 overall. Then we do this.

        R1 #18 - LB Reggie Ragland - We need an enforcer in the middle of our defense.

        R2 - DB Artie Burns - His draft stock has been rising and he has excellent ball skills as evidenced by his 6 INT's last year.

        R3 - OG Joshua Garnett - Hopefully he is still available here. If not then we could take OG Christian Westerman.

        R3 - DE Charles Tapper - We need to keep Mario Williams and Cameron Wake fresh. Tapper is a more complete DE than Andre Branch and this will probably be Wake's last season with the Dolphins so this is also an investment for our future.

        R4 - RB CJ Procise - He has been compared to David Johnson of the Cardinals. If he is not available then we could take RB Kenyan Drake.

        R5 - DT Hassan Ridgeway - More D-line help.

        R6 - WR Charone Peake - He has a lot of upside who is worthy of a late round selection.

        R7. QB Jacob Coker - Developmental QB and potential future backup.

        R7. OG Parker Ehinger - Why not take another OG.


        • AquaXI
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          Trade down and add our later round picks appropriately to get their 1st and 2nd.

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        Fins working out Treadwell WR Ol' Miss so going by this, I can deduce you are all way too logical trying to pick who the Fins might draft.

        Greg OstendorfESPN Staff Writer

        Laquon Treadwell unofficially ran a 4.65 and 4.63 in the 40 at the Ole Miss pro day. "I'm happy with what I ran. I'm proud of myself." Treadwell says he already has private workouts set up with Cincinnati and Miami.


        • DolphinsFreak
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          Can he also play guard? :-)

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        LaQuon Treadwell is probably the best WR in this draft. When the ball's in the air, he's an absolute animal that attacks it. Also, watch him block. Some wrs barely bother with blocking, looking somewhere between hesitant and disinterested, some guys just tie a DB up. Some wrs like to really man up and try and win at blocking - THEN, there are a very few wrs who really enjoy blocking, and go out of their way to be complete asses when doing so. LaQuon Treadwell is one of these. Reminds of me of Hines Ward in that regard - except Treadwell is bigger and stronger than most DBs and he loves pissing them off. A complete **** to them.

        Imagine a bigger, faster Landry with more aggression and the ability to really play on the perimeter... without the mental mistakes or meltdowns Landry makes.

        I wish we could afford to draft Treadwell honestly. That would be a shocker.


        • AquaXI
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          If we traded down and took him with another 2nd rounder in our pockets? We could choose Fuller/Burns.then a Guard all in the 2nd round. Imagine Treadwell, Fuller,Vadal Alexander to start off the draft!

        • Driven_Phinsane!
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          Obviously (Well,, is anything really ever obvious when pertaining to the Fins???) we're not drafting Treadwell when we have so many other pressing needs..I know we lost my boy Rishard Matthews but WR still isn't even a need, let alone a pressing need. that being said i do love watching Treadwell & have always liked the way he plays the WR position..Absolutely love it when a receiver can block well,, watch a guy blow a defender up at the LOS, or even better yet 20 yds downfield..A lot of people here don't like Brandon Marshall but that's one thing i LOVED about him,, he absolutely loved blowing a defender up!

        • cuchulainn
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          That would be killer... especially if we picked up a LB like Martinez in the 4th.

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