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Brandon Boykin?

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  • Brandon Boykin?

    Why not add him? He supposedly played good forthe Steelers down the stretch.
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.

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    Kind of surprised he's still out there...He's young & a pretty solid Corner, but he's on the smallish side & i wonder if this regime is looking for bigger, more physical DB's...


    • AquaXI
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      I have read comments on the FO moving to bigger more physical corners. I'd still take a chance on Boykins to help bolster our shaky CB play.

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    He is more of a slot nickel corner because of his size. I think we are grooming Bobby McCain for that role. We also can't give up on Taylor yet and Lippett will also be given a chance so really we just need one more quality corner who is capable of starting on the outside which is why I like Eli Apple.

    I saw somewhere that we are about $17M under the cap. Lets say we have to set aside about $7M for the draft so we still have almost $10M to spend. No to mention there are other players who we could release and create more cap space. I really think Nick Fairley would be a wise investment since our DT's need to be upgraded and that would mean we don't have to address it in the draft.


    • cuchulainn
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      Completely agree.

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