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Tua's parents rule out retirement for Tua... Sorry MSM..

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  • Tua's parents rule out retirement for Tua... Sorry MSM..


    Tua Tagovailoa isn't retiring early ... his parents said this week he'll be back next year despite suffering multiple significant head injuries this past season. Galu and Diane Tagovailoa cleared up the speculation on Wednesday during an interview at the Polynesian Bowl in Hawaii ... saying the 24-year-old Miami Dolphins signal caller has zero plans to call it quits prematurely after experiencing several concussions while playing in 2022. "He comes back," Galu said. "That's their guy. They love him, we love them and what they're doing and how they're helping him with his recovery and everything else trying to get him back."​

    Tua's health initially became a topic of concern early in the season, when he suffered back-to-back head injuries against the Bills and Bengals in a span of less than a week. Some at the time believed the quarterback should've retired immediately, with famed neuropathologist Bennet Omalu telling TMZ Sports the damage might already be irreparable.​

    Tagovailoa ultimately came back and seemed to show no issues -- but on Christmas against the Packers, he suffered yet another concussion ... sparking the retirement debate again. His folks though, said it just ain't happening -- saying they're confident he's healing properly ... and the Miami organization is taking care of him.​

    "He's still going through his protocol, but we're grateful for them, too," Galu said. "Very thankful for Miami. The organization. The owner. [Chris] Grier as a GM and head coach Mike [McDaniel]. That guy's special."

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    I want whatever is best for Tua Tagovailoa, the person, not the player

    I’ve been waiting for over two decades for this organization to find Dan Marino’s replacement

    I would rather wait longer IF these concussions are going to effect Tua’s long term health

    There’s no way of knowing if it will one way or another so I guess Tua and family think it’s worth the risk

    The Polynesian’s are a tight-knit community so I’m wondering if anyone from the Seau family has reached out to the Tagovailoa’s ?
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      I guess the thing that concerns me is the fact that he is still in concussion protocol. What has it been, like three to four weeks since his episode? Seems that this is taking longer than the last time?????


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        Tua is still in the concussion protocol over a month after his last concussion

        ”League Sources” say that he is deliberately being kept in the protocol for his long term health

        Tua was supposed to play in the Pro Bowl next week so “maybe” the Dolphins are trying to prevent him from playing?

        So, either the Dolphins are taking extra precautions OR his injury is more severe then they are leading on

        I have no idea the rules of the protocol and if a team can somehow keep a “healthy” player in a concussion protocol ?
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        • Idahomer
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          You make a very good point with the Pro Bowl.. We do not want him playing football until training camp. That gives him the best shot at a full recovery.. We don't know what stage of "protocol" he's in.. He could be in the "can practice" stage for all we know but since there is not practice why remove him? Carter got a concussion week one and he was in protocol the entire season. I'm not sure how the whole thing works, but everything I hear from Tua, family, and the organization is that he should be good to go by next season with no additional risks of sustaining a concussion as if he never had one. I guess we will see.

        • PhinPhan68
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          Keeping him from playing in the Pro Bowl made sense to me

          What player wouldn’t want to play in that game, especially at his age?

          I think the game has become extremely boring and I think they should do away with it

          I actually really liked watching the QB competitions back in the day

          Maybe they could make the “Pro Bowl” a non-contact Olympics type event showcasing every players skill sets?

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        I'll ride with Tua if He wants to. 2nd contract should reflect the health situation. Make it a 3 year commitment no more.
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          Originally posted by Phins169 View Post
          I guess the thing that concerns me is the fact that he is still in concussion protocol. What has it been, like three to four weeks since his episode? Seems that this is taking longer than the last time?????
          A month, he entered the protocol Dec 26


          • Phins169
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            I guess that it seems odd to me that it has taken this long.

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          That tackle vs the 9ers has now prevented him from participating in the Pro Bowl, where it's basically a game of two-handed touch.


          • Wulf
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            Why take any chances at this point?

          • Dphinz_Dphinz
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            Why take ANY chances?

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