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  • Tua

    Are any of you ok with tua as your starter next year?
    for me, the season is a waste if he is our starter. No faith in him staying healthy. Really wasn’t impressed with him in his last three games.
    this is not meant for fighting each other. I would like to hear opinions. As I don’t always think of everything.
    I would like to roll with Skylar for one main reason.
    he will be cheap for a few years. Then we could build a powerful team around him. Trade tua for a second round pick maybe?
    seattle did this with Russel Wilson. Without the historical defense and marshawn lynch Wilson became average real quick. Look at how good Seattle did without him this year and how good Denver did.
    if tua comes back and kicks ass stays healthy and wins a playoff game or two. I will be ecstatic. But the whole season, every game. I would be sweating him getting hurt.
    If we draft a great running back One that will stay healthy would be nice. A good o lineman. Maybe add another one or two from free agency. Our offense will be fire. Need some cb’s and linebackers on the def. And fangio would be nice. Of course keep mostert and Wilson and just don’t play them so much and maybe they stay healthy?
    the playoff game gave me hope that we are a few pieces away from being a legit playoff team. Let’s go fins.

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    Not only am I okay with it, I would lock him in on the 5th year option for $22 million as well!

    First - Thompson has shown nothing to suggest he can handle the offense with the efficiency Tua does.
    Second - Thompson can compete and if he is the better QB he will and should win the job. Fact is he's not and it's not close.
    Third - Tua has never had concussion issues. He has had injury issues but who is better that we can get and what QB is guaranteed to never get hurt.

    To expand on # 3 - Tua only suffered the concussion issue this year. Many Many players have gotten multiple concussions in a single season. To neurological physicians are involved in his case and ALL have come out and said that there should be no reason Tua is more apt to get a concussion than anyone else even with the 2-3 he had this year given ample time to heal up. Only arm chair physicians and fans are suggesting he's done.

    Why trade the best QB on the market who isn't making $40 million? Jimmy G is hurt more than Tua.. Carr isn't as good as Tua and would cost us twice as much limiting our ability under the cap.

    Trading him for less than a first round pick would be silly. We have two more years to evaluate Tua and his ability to help this team. Obviously staying on the field is important, so if he can't stay healthy we find out before we pay him $40 million plus like the top QB's are commanding. Worst case is he's hurt and doesn't play and we eat that $22 million while he's on the bench. But that's no different than what happened with Jones this year. Or what happens with X or Chubb or Armstead, all players who are paid very well and miss time pretty much every year.

    So not only do I want him. I'm confident he is the best option for this team by a long shot. He gives us the best chance we have to win and win now. To fold now and start over is ridiculous. And simple would be plain stupid! Take the time to listen to this clip. Big O makes all the points on why we should keep him. I 100% agree with his take.

    The Dynamic Duo ! - BOOM! POW!


    • Dolphins1372
      Dolphins1372 commented
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      I’m not a fan of jimmy g either. Also I think the big o is a piece of chit.
      But you bring up other good points I didn’t consider. Take away the ridiculous drive killing drops. The kid might of done way better?

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    Are any of you ok with Tua as your starter next year?

    The short answer is YES. He is the best fit for the position we have and I don't think any of the QBs on the market or supposedly on the market will fit McDaniels system. They key to this is McDaniels. I did not see that he did a very good job of changing his offense to fit Bridgwater or Thompson. I believe McDaniels is the type of coach who believes his system is so superior that he doesn't need to adjust. If this is the case, then Tua has to be the starter because McDaniels can't/won't adjust.​


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      At this point that's all we have.

      Tua, good for 3/4 of a season, concussion prone at this point. Tua didn't do very good at all towards the end of the season, I don't believe he can read D's. Teams played tighter against our WR's towards the end of the season and this obviously confused Tua, in Alabama many of Tua's WR's he hit were predetermined BEFORE the snap, as pointed out by Dave Richard. This being true, then we know Tua didn't need much in the way of learning how to read D's. 3 out of Tua's last 4 games were bad, I believe now we know why.

      I would be looking at a veteran to run this O, with the weapons we have, no excuse for the break down Tua had at the end of the year.

      How many complete years has Tua had in college and the Pro's?
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        Is MM still our coach, running the same system/calling plays? Then absolutely YES Tua is the man. They have to still address the position, & they will no doubt. Actually a bigger question is will Tua be able to/retire? This could get very sticky/interesting. And by the way, how did we not take Purdy over Thompson? Always the luck of the draw with this organization during the draft. Great hits, but mostly squandered. Glad we don’t have much of a draft this year personally


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          I think because of contract and cap Tua is the guy. Skylar needs to spend the entire off-season learning and getting better.
          Don't bring in a broken down backup. If you are a career backup like Teddy Trash, Tinman Brissett, or Tyrod Taylor it's because you were not good enough to be the starter.


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            Is Tagovailoa more likely to have another concussion next season because he had two or three this season? “There is no statistically proven answer to that question,” Cantu said. There is medical evidence that suggests people who have one concussion are more likely to have another within a short period of time. But there is no evidence, according to Cantu, that someone who has multiple concussions in a few months is more likely to have another one nearly a year later. If Tagovailoa sustains another concussion next season, should he be held out longer than a person who sustains his first concussion? If that happened, Cantu said he would hold Tagovailoa out a bit longer than players who sustained their first concussion, but not appreciably longer. The concussion clock “starts at zero [for Tagovailoa] next September” presuming he doesn’t have another before then, Cantu said.

            Read more at:​
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              Yes I am okay with Tua being our starter next year. I would also agree with Idahomer that we should pickup his 5th year option if its only $22M.

              The offense looked good for the most part when Tua played and it struggled mightily when he didnt.

              We really don't have any better realistic options. We don't have the cap space for Carr or Garopolo and I don't think they are upgrades anyway.

              I would look to upgrade at backup QB. Andy Dalton had a decent year for the Saints and he probably won't cost much.


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                keeping Tua is a no brainer.
                McD is much smarter than any of us here, and we all know what defenses started to do and the solution.McD knows better than us here in the arm chair to do.
                I believe that skylar needs to be Tua's back up.
                Skylar is in the same position as Tua was in when Fitz was there, the offense was set for fitz and when Tua went in didn't get consistent success.
                Skylar can't succeed running Tua's offense, but IMO he can be successful running an offense made for him.
                I think it takes more than a week to implement an offense totally to fit a qb in that stretch of time.
                Skylar came in and almost beat the bills at home in an offense he at the start of the game looked unsure of. But started to execute it with more confidence as the game continued.


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                  I would pick up the 5th year option on Tua. IF we could find a decent vet, at a decent price, as a back up great! Honestly, I have no problem rolling with Skyler next year as the back up. While he did not tear it up when he was in there, I thought he showed promise and I believe he got better the more he played.
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                    Ok, heres the deal from my perspective. Tua showed for a good chunk of this year, and at times during his first 2 years in the league that he can and should lead the Dolphins (or any NFL team should he be traded). His stats and when we have seen with our own eyes his strengths put together for a whole game that he has all the tools to be great. His limitations or areas of improvement, and there are a couple, can be fixed with more time, his work ethic, and the coaches continuing to put him in the best position to succeed.

                    i have given it a lot of thought and while i still cant bring myself to label him as "injury prone", the facts through college and 3 years in the NFL, are that he gets injured and misses games consistently. Because I just dont think you can point to any one thing that makes his injury history predictive, i dont hold it against him nor do I make decisions based on the prediction that he will be injured again, or at least not continue a string of injuries happening consistently year over year. Having said all that, to learn from the past and run a winning program, the Dolphins must do 3 things.
                    First, they need to invest in a healthy veteran with NFL starting experience and good with backup duty (beyond Teddy B). Skylar needs more time

                    Second, starting this draft they need to put a contingency QB draft plan together. Some have suggested drafting a QB every year. I am not as convinced that a shotgun approach will work with all our other needs, BUT we must be rifle FOCUSED on identifying QB prospects that can be had in the years ahead, those that are not necessarily First Rounders but check all the boxes the Dolphins designed to run their offense. They get grabbed every year...someone is scouting them. I dont believe the Dolphins had or have such a plan, but while they bulk up the team, gain more talent and experience at key player and coaching positions, they should be keeping a sharp eye on QBs coming up in the draft. I dont want any future Tua injury to be some kind of surprise to the Dolphin organization. I want them ready to get the talent they scout and prioritize that move over any other draft priorities that are ranked and rated each year.

                    Third, they need to get Tua a Hollywood stunt man or professional wrestler to teach him how to protect himself when hit, especially when grabbed and thrown to the ground.

                    Piece of cake.
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                      Tua is by far our best qb since marino, the problem was with mm not protecting him when he got concussed, putting it all on tua with 0 attempt at a running game all season when our line was sub par as well. MM didn't move the pocket much or even run to the outside much to even protect tua either. It's not tua's fault he had to do it all on his own with zero help from the hc safety and playcalling wise. Tua was concussed most of the year and I wouldn't take any qb over tua if tua is healthy.

                      Tua's stat lines are insane when he's healthy, first half of gb healthy 11-12 for 220 and a td, look at baltimore etc. The announcers were all over burrow for going 23-36 for 250 and 2 tds in a full game but if tua did that most of the announcers and fans would be saying tua is trash for it while praising burrow for doing the same, I remember one game tua went like 26 of 33 for 320 2 tds and 2 picks and all of a sudden tua is terrible which is only a slightly worse stat line then they were praising burrow for tonight. This tua hate is ridiculous. It's nothing but people that were tua haters from the get that got mad because he exposed them so badly and showed what he does when he is supported.

                      Tua proved he is the best qb in the league by a lot just stat wise alone when he is healthy, look at how he was first in the league in a lot of important qb metrics this year even though he was concussed most of the year. Imagine if his hc gave him a run game and an oline to protect him, or gave him play calls where he wasn't putting him at risk constantly for no reason. Tua's health is the only issue now and that is ONLY because we had two dumb a head coaches who refused to give him any help through 3 seasons even though he was coming out of college with a major injury, he should have been sitting for 2 years under fitz while he got healthy, but this organization can't seem to keep stupid decision makers in check to protect its investments properly.

                      Only in this organization do we find a franchise qb and treat them like their a backup and THEN complain why is he hurt all the time, it's because he's being thrown to the wolves constantly injured with no help from the people that are supposed to be helping him.


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                        I look forward to Tua next year. I think they will make some adjustments to his helmet style to better protect him. I think he will be determined to come in and have a huge year since it is going into a contract year the following season. He really does well in this system, and having a second year under his belt will be even better. I think he has a Pro Bowl year.


                        • dolphindrifter
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                          If tua protects himself and the team protects him with better and more consistent lineman and better situational play calling, he will be at the top or near the top of the league. MM treated our 3rd and 4th games like they were the superbowl keeping tua out there when he should have been sitting.

                          Even if tua sat out 3 games and we were 2-3 we probably would have had a much better overall record and team health at the end of the year. The hc not valuing a franchise qb and understanding its a 17 game season is what got the team in the mess it was at the end of the year.

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