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    I know for most Dolphins fans the sky isn't falling, it already fell and the 2016 season is filled with doom and gloom. Well, what IF this new coaching staff and front office is FINALLY doing things the correct way and not trying to build through Free Agency? I am a firm believer that you MUST use free agency to fill in some of your holes with veterans. However, there are other ways to build winning teams, just ask the Packers, Patriots and other winning teams. Maybe the Dolphins didn't spend money on veteran guards because they plan to draft a guard or two? If this is true, there is still hope for this Dolphins team. IF these coaches plan to stick with Thomas and Turner they are worthless and I can't wait for them to fail and for the new coaching staff to come in and replace them. But, I will remain hopeful that they are NOT incompetent and will be drafting guards to play guard rather then trying to force players to play positions they've never played before.

    Cody Whitehair - He is the top ranked guard coming into the draft and is projected go be drafted in rounds 1-2. Since many of the teams that needed guards addressed that need in free agency, unlike the Dolphins, there is a good chance the Whitehair could fall to the Dolphins in the 2nd round.

    COMPARES TO: Zack Martin, Cowboys - Although not as physically gifted as Martin, Whitehair is a similar player with his ability to square up to defenders and control the point of attack. And similar to Martin, Whitehair is a college left tackle who will move inside to guard in the NFL. A college left tackle, he will move inside to guard for in the NFL, which he considers his best (and favorite) position. Whitehair is an assignment-sound blocker, staying square to his target with anchor strength and aggressive hands.
    Vadal Alexander - He is projected to be draft in the 2nd - 3rd round. He should be there when the Dolphins are on the clock in round 2 if Whitehair is off the board.
    Alexander is a masher in the run game with the brute strength and bully mentality to generate movement. He moves better than expected for his size, but isn't a top athlete and will struggle in space. Alexander has reliable football character and offers experience at multiple positions, but his NFL future is likely inside at guard where he should compete for starting snaps as a rookie.
    COMPARES TO: Jamon Brown, St. Louis Rams - Like Brown, Alexander can block out the sun with his body and plays with a powerful base to swallow rushers.

    Joshua Garnett - He is projected to be drafted in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. He would be a good Plan C.

    Garrett has been a steadily ascending prospect. He fires off the snap and rolls his hips at the point of attack to drive his man with his lower body. He does a nice job turning his frame to wall off run lanes and control blocks with his proper hand use inside the jersey of defenders.

    Landon Turner - He is projected to go in the 3rd round. I like this guy!

    With some similarities to Duke's Laken Tomlinson a year ago, Turner is a physical masher in the run game, using his road-grading style to press defenders from his frame and generate movement. He has his athletic limitations, which will drop him down some draft boards, but he has starting potential for a run heavy scheme.

    Graham Glasgow - He is projected to be drafted in the 4th - 5th rounds. I love this player!! I think he could be a day one starter.

    Glasgow is taller for a center, but he moves well and is able to bend, generating movement at the point of attack. He enjoyed an excellent week at the Shrine Game practices, which earned him a Senior Bowl invite (where he was listed as a guard), and is working his tail off to be viewed as a potential NFL starter. His draft arrow is definitely pointing north.

    After examining the guards in this years draft I have hope that this front office might be looking at some of the players I think could be day one starters, like Whitehair, Alexander, Turner and Glasgow. If this is the case, I think this Dolphins team might be headed in the right direction. Time will tell and I can't wait for the draft..................... JMO

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    We signed Kraig Urbik today.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      Originally posted by Aquaaiea View Post
      We signed Kraig Urbik today.
      I am sticking to my thoughts in the original thread to give me hope. Signing a no-name guard after all the top ranked guards are off the board is meaningless to me. The Dolphins need to DRAFT at least one guard, and more than likely a player who can play multiple positions on the offensive line, like guard and center.


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        I like every guy but Turner... would love Garnett in the 2nd round as I think Whitehair and Alexander will be gone.


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          Originally posted by cuchulainn View Post
          I like every guy but Turner... would love Garnett in the 2nd round as I think Whitehair and Alexander will be gone.
          Some have Garnett and Christian Westerman going before Alexander, including Mayock. Either way you slice it, IF the Dolphins want a true offensive guard, they should be able to get a day one starter in the 2nd round. Connor McGovern is pretty good too. And, if they draft well they might be able to get one in the mid rounds too.


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            Urbik was a good signing. More than likely better than our current guards, but can play tackle or center if necessary. Tough guy who actually played Suh very tough and without a lot of help. Best thing is he costs us nothing in terms of draft picks. The phins are on record saying they want the compensatory picks for the FA they lost this year. Signing a big name FA will wipe some of those out. I'm on board with getting an extra 3rd and 4th, or two 3rds for Miller and Vernon. It is time this team build through the draft and sprinkle in veterans, which is exactly what they've done this off season. I'll be patient. I also in the school of thought that we have talent on the roster that was not utilized properly. I believe our new coaching staff could be the biggest offseason pick up. IF and it's a big if, Gase gets Tannehill to turn things around we're already a playoff caliber team. I also think Alonzo can and will be healthy and Maxwell will be as good or better than Grimes. Williams, despite his age is better than OV right now. IMO we've upgraded 3 critical positions so far. I'm also excited about the safety from Detroit. While not a big name, his production on the field last year was amazing for the time he was in there. He was a guy just needing an opportunity IMO. I believe we'll see much improved safety play as well. I do not see this as a complete rebuild.


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