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ESPN Article: Dolphins Mission of Mediocrity

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  • ESPN Article: Dolphins Mission of Mediocrity

    I have mixed feelings about this article. Maybe the truth just hurts.

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    Yeah that does sting a little. Mostly because it's true.
    Can we sign this guy?


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      Well I am sure that it is all accurate even if it's not really true. The Dolphins defense struggled more in the second half of the season. But they also lost a lot more playing time due to injuries in the second half of the season. He also harps on the 8-8 record a lot, but there were at least 3 of those losses against quality opponents (at Denver, at Detroit and Green Bay) that could have very easily been wins, with a total 10 point margin for the 3 losses. What would his article have looked like had the Dolphins won those 3 games and finished 11-5? He makes it seem like we are stuck in neutral, but I don't agree at all. Our offense has been anemic ever since Dan Marino retired. It has steadily improved over the last 3 years, and appears upgraded again this season.

      What is the cause of such mediocrity? Well, look at our draft history. From Jackie Shipp to Dion Jordan, the Dolphins have a long history of not having a clue what talent is. You can't miss that badly, that consistently for that many years and it not show up on the field. But the last 2 years sure seem different at this point.

      Also, sometimes you are 8-8 and lucky to be there. Sometimes you are 8-8 because that's where you belong, and sometimes you are 8-8 because a few key injuries on a still thin roster and a few game winning plays by guys like Rogers who are in fact great players.

      Last but not least, the best NFL records since the 1970 merger, Steelers .609, #2 Cowboys .589 #3 Dolphins .583. So in reality all teams eventually settle near .500 if they are lucky, the margin between Champion and mediocrity is very slim.

      Media Guide paying off already.
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        Phintim your comment about the margin between mediocrity and champion is very slim is something Jimmy Johnson has touted over the years. We just have not quite had the talent level we needed close that margin. If we can make playoffs this year, work on the OLine and LBs next off season there is no reason we shouldn't become an elite team.


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