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Great read on Maxwell scheme wise - Cuch - read this

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  • Great read on Maxwell scheme wise - Cuch - read this

    The 2016 NFL offseason has already brought a whirlwind of change throughout the league. The free-agency period proved business is booming, as over $1 billion in contract dollars were given in the first week...

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    Nice... thanks for posting...

    The Eagles adjusted to Maxwell losing eight of his 16 routes in Week 1 and used him more in zone the rest of the season. It immediately paid off, as he lost just 14 routes in the next five weeks combined. His effectiveness was on par with what quality top cornerbacks produce because he was simply put in the position to better succeed.

    This will fit Miami’s scheme under defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, who coached the Cincinnati Bengals secondary the last two years. According to Pro Football Focus analyst Steve Palazzolo, the Bengals played the second-highest percentage of Cover 2 last season. Cover 2 will allow Maxwell to utilize his press ability without asking him to cover in-breaking routes.
    Keeping Maxwell playing vertically and not horizontally must be a priority for the Dolphins, and Joseph has worked with similarly limited players like Leon Hall, Adam Jones and Terence Newman. This is similar to how the Carolina Panthers use Josh Norman, as well. Providing safety help over the top and linebacker support in the middle of the field helps shrink passing windows.

    It's been noted several times that Maxwell struggled in the first game and was burnt by Julio Jones several times. The Eagle fans were down on him for the rest of the season as a result. He did not play poorly the rest of the year, just not up to his contract or fan expectations. Also, is contract us untenable for them, but is easy for us to walk away from.

    Check out the Sports buzz column I posted. It talks about Maxwell and Joseph as well.


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      Replace Maxwells name with Grimes and you would almost get the same article/excuse.


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        That is not correct Vaider

        Grimes is strict Cover 0 CB

        Maxwell is a zone dependant CB


        • cuchulainn
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          Agree... Grimes was also pwnd by the jets bigger WRs and beaten like a drum. He is also old, stays injured, and not worth the distractions off the field.

        • Idahomer
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          Grimes was pounded by more than the Jets bigger WR's. He failed miserably against Wadkins, and Odel Beckham lit him up as well. Grimes was the shell of himself last season. Now he had nagging injuries and I personally would have liked to keep him here, unfortunately for me and Grimes his big mouthed wife feels the need to make excuses for his poor play by shifting the blame to Miami's QB, FO, Coaches, and whoever else she could flame. As much as I like Grimes, which is a lot, I was all for shipping him out. After everything this team has gone through the past few years you absolutely can't have locker room poison with a new coaching staff coming in.

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