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    The problem with this team is NOT the offense. With Tua missing a ton of games, etc. we are still the 6th ranked offense in the league. So yes, that does make McD a offensive genius. The problem has been defense all year. The lack of takeaways is terrible. The inability to stop teams on game winning drives has been a problem all year. The decisions to not bring pressure on 3rd and long and play coverage is stupid when you consider our secondary is made up of a bunch of back up special teams players. You can complain about McD, or Tua all you want. But plain and simple the failure of this season is on Boyer and the defense.

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    You don't think Oline sucks! I like the pickup/signing from the Cowboys but Armstread to me is overrated and over hurt. I support Tua but without Hill/ Waddle how good is he? And as I predicted over hurt.
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      Completely agree and posted this on a thread about McD's "genius".. If McD made any error it was retaining the defensive staff, but I don't blame him one bit for leaving it intact. His decision was based on the prior few years results. Like Matt states, the lack of generating turnovers has absolutely crushed us this year. Also the injuries and inability to buckle down and make key stops in the 4th qtr. We have a lot of talented players on that side of the ball. I don't believe Boyer has the same skillset McD has at putting guys and plays in that best suit the player. The offense was designed to suit Tua and the speed we aquired in the offseason. The defense is not taking advantage of player strengths and weaknesses, and is not "coaching up" young players like Tindall. No way should he have not improved enough this season to beat out the likes of Riley.. I feel bad for Boyer when it comes to injuries because no team would improve losing the talent we've lost on defense. But his job is to design defenses that can stop the opponent when we need too, and he has not done that. Tough year to evaluate his performance with all the key players dropping out, but clearly he did not make the adjustments necessary to at least keep this defense in the top 15 of the league.
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        Hmm (altho still at 6) ya know that leaves out the drastic drop off in offensive output these past 5 weeks .. MM did little to help this team or his QBs in situational football ..

        That being said there is a large bit of culpability to the D ( tho injuries have been a factor)
        Any QB turning the ball over 4 times in any game is putting there D in a very difficult spot to boot.


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          Don't forget the GM Grier/Owner Ross in this mess. Chubb has been a Flubb as I feared and now we have a ZERO picks in the 1st round.

          Our latest FO move? Mike freaking Glennon. In 2021his QBR was 14.7

          This has soooooooooooo motivated me I expect as a Hawkeye fan to see in the Draft we have selected QB Spencer Petras Iowa


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            Nothing is “plain and simple “ when it comes to the second half of the season with the Dolphins.. except for the fact it was a total failure on so many levels.. and it starts with Grier and McD.. I would put Ross there too but he’s to stupid to know any better.. complete nonsense and zero adjustments..


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              Agree with Matt, the problem has always been bonehead Josh B, he should be the first one fired after the season….MM has been a breath of fresh air, love watching this offense when it’s clicking. Defense can’t stop a runny nose cause we got losers like Byron Jones being a baby Bltch, several others not stepping up but the defensive coaching is terrible.
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