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QB Matt Moore Signs 2 yr Deal

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  • QB Matt Moore Signs 2 yr Deal

    The Miami Herald is reporting it.

    Matt Moore isn’t going anywhere. The Dolphins’ backup quarterback since 2011 signed a two-year contract with the Dolphins on Tuesday after visiting with them earlier in the day.

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    Matt Moore should write a book called " best job in the world"!
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    The happiness of the Dolphin is to exist.... Jacques Cousteau.


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      Boy that's the truth


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        He'll earn his pay though, I hear these new tablets are a lot heavier than the old clipboards.
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          Originally posted by Dolfan1 View Post
          He'll earn his pay though, I hear these new tablets are a lot heavier than the old clipboards.
          LMAO! Touche'!


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            This just in from a most unreliable source from the BS Tribune in Las Vegas.
            "The Matt Moore signing is just a precursor for bigger things to come. The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins have agreed to meet in East Lansing, Michigan for a private workout with Spartan Quarterback, Connor Cook. Adam Gase, also a former Spartan (as a student and coach) has decided to start his NFL head coaching career with a fellow Spartan running the offense. As long as all things check out with Cook, the Dolphins front office will mark the Michigan State signal caller as the #13 selection in the 2016 draft and the wheels will begin to turn. Jerry Jones has had his eye on Texas native, Ryan Tannehill, for some time and is ready to strike a blockbuster deal to acquire the Dolphins Quarterback as the next Cowboy gunslinger. At least part of the trade will culminate with the Miami Dolphins receiving the #4 overall selection from Dallas. Both teams feel supremely confident that they will benefit from the exchange. Jerry Jones loves Tannehill's durability and believes the offensive line in Dallas will finally provide all the protection Ryan Tannehill needs to finally shine. The Dolphins relish the idea of landing two of the top 13 picks in the draft, one being a young Quarterback that Adam Gase and offensive coordinator, Clyde Christiansen, can groom from the start. PT Barnum said one was born every minute and Jerry Jones is about to prove it. You heard it here first, folks. Keep your ears open and I'll keep the manure shoveling.
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            • AquaXI
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              Connor Cook can be had in the 2nd. If not go for Dak Prescott.

            • Daytona Dolfan
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              That makes about as much sense as any other reason for resigning Moore. I will not however, hold my breath for the #4 spot

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            I'll still believe what my eyes told me over the last two years and that was Connor Cook is the best QB in this draft. If you'd take a QB with #42, you take him at #13. Of course that's in my hypothetical world where we acquired #4. Connor Cook was 5-2 against top ten teams and the Alabama loss doesn't even count. That was a complete beat down. Connor Cook said it best when he scrambled out of the pocket and out of bounds in the national title game and exclaimed, "They're f*****' everywhere!" referring to the Alabama defense. And they were. That would be like judging Marino from his performance in the Super Bowl against San Francisco. Beware the hype machine.


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