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The Finsiders is going off air?

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  • The Finsiders is going off air?

    Just listening to the Friday itunes show and noticed that all the members are talking about the finsiders going off air in 3 weeks?

    Does anyone know why? That's crazy

    What podcast do you listen to now that these guys are going offline

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    I heard that as well. I'd be more upset if my iTunes hadn't already stopped working for me thanks to Windows 10.
    While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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      The rumor is that they aren't happy with their iHeartRadio channel and are exploring whether to kill it altogether or changing stations...


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        Listen to Joe Rose podcast a day late on itunes. The Finsiders, another front office debacle. This may be Tannenbaums's strongest offseason move so far. Listening to them was almost as painful as watching Tannehill on 3rd down. I can't believe these guys were ex players when they try to talk up all of the garbage that circulates in and out of a Dolphins uniform. All that sucking up and you still got cancelled. Getting them to criticize a Dolphin player is like getting Jennifer Lopez to criticize a black contestant on American Idol. Always love ya, Sam, OJ and Bo. You are Dolphins legends.


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