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ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!...Without a contract......

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  • ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!...Without a contract......

    Wasn't Elvis,, but pretty sure if he had stopped by he would've left without a deal as well..God knows it seems like everyone else has of late. In the last couple of days we've had CB Josh Robinson, QB Brandon Weeden, LB Sean Spence & DE Jason Jones drop by and they ALL left without a contract!! Couldn't care less about Brandon Weeden, but it would be nice if we actually signed one or two of the guys taking the revolving door tour in & out of Fins headquarters..I hope to hell we're not up to our old tricks of lowballing the hell out of these guys!

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    After seeing what they have been trying to pay the really good players I think it's safe to say that they are lowballing these guys. I don't care what they are offering the players you mentioned though, I am more worried about the othe to tier players they missed out on. AND I am totally annoyed with another coaching staff thinking Thomas and Turner can be coached up. That right there is why I won't be buying merchandise or buying the Sunday Ticket. If they don't care about protecting the Dolphins quarterback, I don't care if the team wins.


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      No interest in Josh Robinson (poor skills and a PR nightmare in South Beach), Weeden (sucks), or Jones (JAG), but damn, I want Sean Spence...

      We just lost 2 players from The U. Be nice to get one back, especially a stud LB.

      OL is the concern... Barry Jackson has written that the team was totally surprised by what happened with the guard market in free agency, and is now scrambling for alternatives after losing out on the Target players.

      Now, we're working on plan B at guard. Somewhere after plan C, D, and E is plan F (fail), which is to actually roll with Dallas Thomas.

      Nothing to do, but wait and see for now.


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        Odd that I'd didn't surprise fans of football but it surprised the people who allegedly know more then we do.


        • Idahomer
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          The surprise was seeing veteran guards getting paid like tackles. Boone went for $7mil a year. Last year the price for seasoned guards was closer to $4 to $5mil.

        • DolphinsFreak
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          Call me crazy but if I am in the front office of the Dolphins in any capacity I would have suggested paying a little more to FINALLY have a starting offensive line who will NOT allow their QB to be the leader in sacks, again.

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        They made a number of offers to guys but were outbid. Sort of like the Broncos and their QB and RB, they thought they'd get them for less than what the players actually got elsewhere and traditionally Guards don't garner huge contracts.

        I hope they prioritize the position in the draft now...


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          That is part of my point. As Dolphins fans we seem to know how important the GUARD position is and I think most, if not all, fans on this forum would have never let some of these guards off the phone or out of the building. Defense is a high priority but so is protecting the quarterback. Everyone in the NFL knows how bad the Dolphins offensive line is. The front office dropped the ball and look foolish.


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            Still takes 2 to tango... and like in the case of Mathis, he turned us down last year wanting to go to a contender, and did, with Denver. He even said he took less money from the Broncos than we offered him. Players know that we're probably 2 years away in the best of scenarios from being a contender, much less a winning season or playoff team. That factors into it as well...

            Wish it were different, but we're most likely going to operate like this with letting the big money guys walk, sticking to our price point, and attempting to build thru the draft. We're not in win now mode under Gase this season. It's about evaluating and building for the future this season IMO...


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              CB Josh Robinson has signed with the Bucs...Be interesting to see how he does along with Grimes in their secondary,, hope we don't end up regretting not signing either...


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                Sean Spence signed with the Titans,, was hoping we'd of signed him for some quality depth!


                • AquaXI
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                  Karlos Dansby is free hehehe!

                • cuchulainn
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                  Figures... would've loved signing Spence...

                  And if Dansby is cheap, I wouldn't mind bringing him back under Joseph. Dansby was good here under Mike Nolan, who Joseph worked with in the past.

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                Don't know what happened. It was supposed to be about Evan Mathis signing with the Cardinals.
                The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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                  The damned Cardinals traded former 1st round pick, OG, Jonathan Cooper, AND the 2:61 draft pick in this draft to the fkn Pats in exchange for DE, Chandler Jones. Pats insiders (ESPin) are claiming that the OV deal was the catalyst for dumping Jones, who was far more productive than OV and they didn't want to sink that sort of investment in him when they could trade him for a need player and draft his replacement.

                  Az then signed Evan Mathis to a 1 year, $6M deal...

                  Pats then signed RB, Donald Brown...

                  Anyone doubt that the Pats are drafting a DE in the 2nd with their two 2nd round picks? #60 and #61... They do not have a 1st round pick... they also have two 3rd round picks - #91 and #96. They have 1 4th. No 5th round picks, 3 6th round picks, and 2 7th round picks. Fkn Hell...


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