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    There's only one way to gain experience as a Head Coach and that is to be a head coach. There's only one way to build a team and that's through consistency; consistency in philisophy, in attitude, in culture. Consistency is one thing this team has sorely lacked. Every three years it's a new leader, a new system, a new team culture. Key players from one administration are replaced by new guys that fit better into the mold of the newly implemented scheme. One step forward, two steps back gets you nowhere. Therefore, I propose that Stephen Ross do the unthinkable, stabilize this organization. How? Easy.
    Extend GM Chris Greer and Head Coach Adam Gase for five more years. I have heard nothing but good things about Adam Gase and like that he wasn't afraid to challenge Ndamukong Suh about his body fat % when they met and mention that CJ Anderson is a bit chubby right now but he's not worried about getting that corrected. He's respected for his intelligence, his work ethic and his ability to relate to players. Let's make him our guy. Let's lay a foundation of who and what we are. Let us have a guy we all can get behind and grow with. Let's build the team and culture where players know if they buy in and succeed they will stay in Miami and be a part of not just a team but an atmosphere, a lineage that they helped create and a home where they will always be revered. Let's give Adam Gase ten years. Ten years. All in favor say, "Aye."

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    That's the plan but you have to do it in appropriate increments so that nobody gets fat. It's a motivational thing. Even in the Bible you have to " fear" the God that loves you.
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      But we're already seeing Gase's effect - we've dumped several high profile players that were either under-whelming fan favorites or had off field distractions that doesn't fit with what Gase and Joseph want.

      Also, this off-season is markedly different than last off season. If you think about it, we haven't gone after the high profile FA signings, haven't over paid for guys - either our own or other FAs. The guys we've picked up have been highly productive in the past, but cast-offs now.

      The last 2 seasons, we were in ''win-now mode'' under Philbin and Hickey and it backfired. Now we have a new HC and staff and we are re-sculpting the roster.

      This off-season in FA:
      - We're not overspending on FA and are getting comp picks for guys we're allowing to walk.
      - Not trading away draft picks
      - Swapping picks for starters while staying within a few picks range of where we were
      - Picking up Vets in areas of need that can provide 1 or 2 years of play and that do not require comp picks for cheap contracts
      - The 4 players we lost (Grimes, OV, Miller, and Matthews) will all be included in the comp picks formula. We should get 2 or 3 comp picks in next year's draft.

      I think this off-season is the beginning of something new here and is much like what the Pats typically do in FA - no overspending, acquire proven veterans that can give you solid play while your rookies develop, and focusing on stockpiling picks.

      Gase has a 5 year contract. You can't fix everything in 1 off-season, but I'm liking the moves in reflection. Especially if we have a solid, even if un-exciting, draft.



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        I need to see what he does after a full season before signing the petition. Also, it would be hard for me to sign anything that would keep Ross as the owner. If he was willing to sell the team I would be interested in signing that.
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          I would gladly sign anything to get rid of Tannenbaum.


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            Surprised you didn't throw in "But he has to dump Tannehill and grab Johnny M".
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              Johnny M sounds like a new Bourbon hehehe!

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              I'm sure he's intoxicating to some but I'm not among that group.

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            Johnny M is correct. In college, he was Johnny Football. In the NFL, he's Johnny Vegas. And when he's here in Vegas, he's Johnny Moustache. I'll give Gase 8 games to realize Bananapeels insufficiencies. I think Gase would be an ideal coach to get Johnny Boy going but even I have to accept his problem with alcohol has reached a level of denial and delusion that will soon have him sleeping in the bed that Ryan Leaf just left behind. Still a better QB than #17.
            "MeanMachine." Johnny Vegas hands off to OJ.
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              Johnny Manziel's favorite inning is "the bottom of the fifth".


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