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In case anyone missed it...

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  • In case anyone missed it...

    Quarterback (and i use the term loosely here) Brandon Weeden was in for a meeting with the Fins tonight...Not exactly the competition or push for Tannehill i was hoping for....

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    No but we do need a cheap veteran backup.


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    I heard that since both Sean Spence & Weeden were in town at the same time, they all went out to dinner together and when Tannenbaum asked Weeden to pass the salt, Spence picked it off & ran it back for six!


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    Yeah, between Weeden and Spence, I'm definitely only interested in Spence.

    Funny that the Fins and Cowboys are kicking the tires on each other's backup QBs... between the two, Moore is the better IMO. Hoping we stick with Dysert and draft a guy like Brissett or Adams later on.


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      Not bragging or anything( okay I kinda am) , if QB is the most vital position and on a playoff run( at least that's what we all strive every year) its important to have a viable backup who can win us some games if our QB goes down. I know 4mil is a lot for a backup but we are talking about the most important position. Both me and the Broncos are on the same page. Yes I'm talking about Sanchez. We probably could have had him thrown in to the deal.

      On another note it seems our FO has contacted Nolan Carrol and expressing interest.
      The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


      • Driven_Phinsane!
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        This team hasn't really proven it can win with the guy we've had starting the last 4 years,, not sure a decent backup is gonna make a difference one way or the other...What we really need is an actual QB competition with a quality QB or two to push Tannehill and one, that's not going to happen and two, if that were the thinking there's no one available that fits the criteria...

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      Well it's like looking at Tannehill when he's 32


      • DolphinsFreak
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        I don't think Tannehill will be that good when he is 32 years old. He will probably learn how to read defenses when he is 35.

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