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Front office plan is coming together

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  • Front office plan is coming together

    We have all wondered which direction our team would take in the offseason. Would we fill holes and try to win now. Or would we look to backup punt and rebuild from the ground up. Well after a good night sleep I think I have figured out what direction our brain trust is going.

    And with the 1st pick in the 2017 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins pick Deshaun Watson.

    So tighten your seatbelt because it is going to be a loooong loooong 2016 season.

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    Damn, the Donkeys will probably lose half their team during FA signings, Miami will only hire average players with no intention of winning, my house is going to be in much better shape after next season....


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      This front office saved me a lot of money. I already decided that if the Dolphins didn't sign at least one veteran guard I was not going to buy the Sunday Ticket nor was I going to purchase any Miami Dolphins merchandise of any kind until Tannenbaum is gone IF they didn't address THE most important position of need in free agency.

      Rookies can't help this offensive line.! Ross gets paid whether the Dolphins win or lose. Maybe he and Tannenbaum are trying to purposely keep the Dolphins down while appearing to try to make them better. We know Ross tried to buy the Jets. Tannenbaum is not a Dolphins fan. Even after Parcells screwed the Dolphins organization Ross remains friends with him, and we know which team Parcells is a fan of, so the dots are all connected.

      Turner and Thomas should not be on the Dolphins roster. If Gase and Co think they can coach them up then I expect them all to be gone in a few years.

      Haven't we seen this movie before? Time to get some popcorn ready to watch Bill Murray drive off that cliff.
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      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

      “The only thing worse then a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” - Tennessee Williams


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        Here's the problem:

        The Dolphins have about 6-7 good players, after that, it drops off badly, so what do the idiots feel they need to do, bring in a bunch of players to fill all the holes, but all they are doing is replacing bad players with just barely not as bad as the players they are replacing, so every year we have the same bad team.

        The very first thing we must do is have great drafts, and not by dropping down in the draft. Also draft BPA, we have the holes, the draftees are cheap, so picking these guys right in April makes FA a plus....Now we can't afford anyone, because we need 40+ players.....

        D wins SB's, what we have added is average players, at best if they don't injure themselves or they figure out they can play in this system, we won't make it into the playoffs, you need to draft top players, you have to have GREAT players on D, not these maybe if everything works out players....

        If this OL isn't addressed, which we show no signs of doing, RT will just turtle up, he'll never survive another beating like he has the last couple years.....You could see it last year mid way through, he just wasn't there, didn't look like he cared as much, but, WTH, he's not getting younger and being the most hit QB in the league wears on you....

        My feelings are strong about what we have done this off season, I give us an F, flat out all we did was add plant base crap to this team instead of the beer crap that was on it, it's still crap and all we did is move down in the draft....typical Dolphin offseason....


        • Alpha
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          The only part I disagree with is not dropping down in the draft. That (in most cases) gets us more picks and WE NEED THEM. Miami's closet is bare and an epic draft is about the only hope we have at this point. It's way too early to make predictions about the upcoming season...but we're quite a bit worse than the 6-10 team from 2015 today.

          Figures my wife would start talking about the Sunday Ticket this year. Just think of all those losses I'll be able to watch! Awesome!

        • Seadog
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          You know Alpha, I have come to realize there's a lot of good football on the Package and you can record the games, and watch some of these during the week, and if you are having a really great day and want to ruin it, you can just watch the Dolphins game again....

          We disagree with dropping down, all we picked up is maybes and dropped down, I think we could have used that pick for a CB that will be outstanding, JMO

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          Alpha commented
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          I agree that dropping from #8 probably cost us a shot at Hargreaves...but we did get 2 likely starters out of it (and still have a 1st rounder - albeit a little later). My guess is Miami was targeting a pick expected to go in the mid teens....who that is? I'm not sure. I would have looked at Jack or Hargreaves at #8. Maybe they like the upside of Alexander or want to go with Shaq Lawson?

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        Maybe the plan is to bring in a group of ultra talented players that will all rehabilitate together and bond in the training room for a season before we do draft DeShaun Watson and go into 2017 with all guns firing. I'd trade Tannehill for whoever I could get for him now, add an OT and an OG in the draft and groom them for the 2017 opening. Heck, this plan opens the door to draft Jaylon Smith, maybe get him on the field for the last two or three games and have him ready for 2017. In the meantime, we can plug and play various combinations to assemble our ten best offensive linemen by season's end and establish our ground game. We are not winning with Mr. Mundane behind Center so let's have some foresight and scrap the '16 campaign in order to line things up for a real charge in '17. Let's finally sacrifice to get ahead of the curve for a change.
        Freak, said I won't buy another jersey, hat, magnet or sticker that sports the Dolphins emblem until they win a playoff game. Going into my 4th season and holding strong. Love the new emblem but own nothing with it.
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        • DolphinsFreak
          DolphinsFreak commented
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          In my garage/ gym I have a white fridge with a GIANT Dolphins magnet on it. There is nothing on the fridge but that Dolphibs magnet. It's the old logo though. I really want to put that magnet on the side of the fridge and the new logo on the front, but the Dolphins can't make this purchase happen for me and not addressing the offensive line, again, leads me to believe they never will as long as Ross is the owner. He is collecting checks and taking pictures with celebrities and that is all that matters to him. Winning isn't important, if it were he would hire someone that would put the #1 priority on protecting the most important position on the field.

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