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The problem I have with age

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  • The problem I have with age

    I really cant understand all this hysteria over a players age. In my eyes, age is just a number. If a 35 year old DE can outplayed someone four years younger, do you dump the older in favor of the younger because of age? Brady is close to 40, and in theory should be. Slowing down. Yet, I don't see that happening. What about Manning? He just retired, but that old man lead a team to a SB win. If a player has enough in the tank to keep them performing at a high level, age should mean nothing.

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    Well, technically it was the Broncos D that led them to a Super Bowl win, Peyton was pretty much played half of the year like an old man and was hurt the other half...

    Age ALWAYS means something, and catches up to exceptions! There are a few teams that excel in getting rid of their talent at the right time; teams that don't get how to do this are perpetual bottom dweller's...


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      Age usually equals injuries and slower responses... these guys take a beating over the course of a season. On average, players bodies start to give out around 33 +/- 1... thats why you guys like Mario Williams getting a 2 year contract. He's currently 31 and already played a decade.

      Peyton won a SB the same way Elway did - feeding the ball and behind a nasty Defense.


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