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A "different" start to Dolphins FA

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  • A "different" start to Dolphins FA

    A "different" start to Dolphins FA

    It is waay too early to pass judgement on what Miami is doing this off season, as official FA will not get crazy for two days. That said, what has happened so far was most definitely different that what I or anyone anticipated.

    The transition tag for OV may work out but, I wonder why we were not given the right to match any offer without it. It would have made life easier on the cap unless there is some bad blood between OV and the team

    The restructure of Suh was needed because of the tag on OV. Not what I wanted to see.

    The trade was a bit of a shocker as I think we could have picked up Maxwell's equal or better in FA for the same with no trade. Kiko may work out but, here we go again with another injury prone player. For $1M next year and the restructured Misi, maybe they can combine for 16 games.

    Much is yet to be written on what Ross and Tannenbaum will do the rest of this off season.

    For me, I'm betting that it was not what I hoped for and we will be looking at another quick fix next year. I REALLY do hope I am wrong.

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    Wait and see... new FO and coaching staffs... hoping Gase and VJ get more out of this team than the last Jags did...


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      I won't judge unless we gave up too much. So far I like it but I off course only half the story is revealed at this time.
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        If we had to give up draft picks then I will be disappointed. We could have signed a free agent DB who is better than Maxwell without having to give up any draft compensation. Alonso has never been the same since his injury in Buffalo. So why trade for a player with an injury history?


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          Alonso - cheap, low risk/high reward pick up. He's a sub $1M contract and IF he can return to form, should bolster our LB corp.

          Maxwell brings size and zone coverage play for Joseph to match up against the bigger WRs in the East, something Grimes struggled with. Jets receivers owned our DBs the past few seasons and Grimes health and play was in decline. Maxwell is also cheaper than Grimes, who had already been asked to take a pay cut - and refused.

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        Well, they got my attention and rekindled my interest. Alonso is a very, very talented player. Unbelieveable coverage skills. Only played in two games since coming off of injury. Maybe came back too soon. Maybe surgical repair job wasn't done right. Glad he got all this rest on Philly's dime. Curious to see where we go from here.


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