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Bears trying to trade disgruntled TE Martellus Bennett

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  • Bears trying to trade disgruntled TE Martellus Bennett

    I guess anytime a players name comes up who shares the Bear connection with Gase, we'll wonder if we're interested..When Bennett is commited he's one of the top TE's in the league.

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    Bennett is a GREAT tight end. I am hoping with all this hype surrounding Gase that he actually knows how to use a tight end in his offense. If he does, going after Bennett could be a great move. The Patriots run a similar offense that Tannehill likes to run and having TWO tight ends of this caliber would work great for him. Even though Gase is from the Bears the NFL Network will be pushing for Bennett to go to New England since they got rid of their other tight end.


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      If he is disgruntled cause he wants money then we don't have it. I hope he is disgruntled because it's too windy.
      The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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        lol,, "Yo Man, i am pissed the f#@k off,, it's so guddam windy here!!!..Wish i was in Miami!"

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      We already have a GREAT TE here in Miami. The new coach is here to elevate our QB from hit and miss to consistently mediocre which will require RT to see all of his receivers and throw accurately and on time to the open guys. If Gase works this miracle maybe we'll get to see just how good J Cameron really is. Is getting a brand new shiny watch really important if you still can't tell time?


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