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The Hill Decision

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  • The Hill Decision

    Most Phans are thrilled that we added a great WR in Hill while a number of others,myself included, question the cost and timing.

    Next year we ay Hill $31M with 25 and 23 the following two seasons. He will be 29 and if Miami does not cash in with him in the next couple of years it was not a good investment. Pat Riley (best NBA coach of all time) said yu win a title or you are like everyone else who did not. Did Hill bring us that chance?

    I don't see it this year. New coach, schemes, many new players all take time to fit together and no player other than a SF guy knows much of anything from McD. Add in a loaded AFC, where we could finish 3rd in the division, and the time to splurge does not seem right.

    QB is an integral part of this thinking as Tua, so far, has not impressed at at all. Yes we can win with him and VG surrounding talent but with lotto chances for a title. Phins are paying older guys in Hill, Armstead and X 75M next year. I do not see that money buying a title or even close without a VG QB.

    My preferred option would have been to hold the money for a year to see f we have a QB and add a couple of players in the draft, We have the best run game coach in the NFL and could have had RB Hall at 29thor WR Watson going to GB soon after or CB McCreary AND in the second had Cook, Skyy Moore, Pickins or Fortner. Mix and match as you like and no one know if any will be good, let alone great. However, for this team at this time it would be my choice.

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