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Some Women don't care about the trophy

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  • Some Women don't care about the trophy

    So I meet this guy who is a gardener/ caretaker of the Bowlen compound in Hawaii not one hour ago. We got to chatting, he and his wife live at the compound and went to the Superbowl on premium tickets. The Chef of this compound ( female ) also went and afterwards they all travelled to Colorado and stayed at the owners mansion.

    Mrs Bowlen just leaves the Lombardi in the kitchen where anybody can grab it. This caretaker shows me a pic of the Chef with the Lombardi in one hand with a spatula in the other over the stove making omlettes for breakfast. Talk about the Mrs dissing the Trophy by leaving it on the Kitchen counter. I guess she only cares about the money Football brings in.
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.

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    The Bowlen's are pretty much being taking care of in EVERY way of their life now, not much left upstairs......


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