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Interesting read on 2013 offseason

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  • Interesting read on 2013 offseason

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    That's just too damn depressing.


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      While I agree with a large portion of this article, he gives Philbin and his staff way too much of a pass. Player after player left here and went on to more development and success under different coaching regimes with other teams.


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        As bad as Max Himmelrich makes it sound, I believe he's sugar coating it....

        Dion should have never been moved to DE and should have stayed where he played, LB. Why in the world draft for a position and draft a player who doesn't fit that position....Round peg in square hole....

        "Dion Jordan. Dion Rory Jordan (born March 5, 1990) is an Americanfootball defensive end for the Miami Dolphins of the National FootballLeague (NFL). He was considered the top outside linebacker prospect and was drafted by the Dolphins third overall in the 2013 NFL Draft. He played college football at Oregon."

        So get bigger boy, get stronger boy, we're moving you to the line....I can just imagine Dion was doing what he thought he needed to to do just this, IMO

        Stupid is as stupid does.....only thing we as Dolphins get is that crappy jelly filled piece of chocolate.....


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