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Dolphins Pick Ezekiel Elliot At #8 (?)

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  • Dolphins Pick Ezekiel Elliot At #8 (?)

    Miami Dolphins: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State image:

    This is the first big change of my post-Combine 2016 NFL Mock Draft. I've had Ezekiel Elliott slotted to the Texans for quite some time, and I can guarantee 100 percent that he'll be the pick if he gets there, but it's sounding like Elliott will be chosen much higher than that - probably in the top 10.

    Elliott, who had a terrific Combine, makes a ton of sense for the Dolphins, who seem set to lose Lamar Miller to free agency. Running back is a big need now, and the argument can be made that Elliott is the best player available.

    How would you feel about this draft pick ?

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    Maybe trade down to mid teens and draft Elliot.
    The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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      That pick would be GOD-AWFUL!!! Flashback to another Buckeye going #9!!!...and i like Zeke, but with so many other needs it would just be a TERRIBLE pick, especially @ 8 overall!


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        Originally posted by Driven_Phinsane! View Post
        That pick would be GOD-AWFUL!!! Flashback to another Buckeye going #9!!!...and i like Zeke, but with so many other needs it would just be a TERRIBLE pick, especially @ 8 overall!
        Plan A - Draft the best RB in the draft who some are saying is the best running back that they have ever evaluated, who can run, block and catch. (Roughly 3-4 million)
        Plan B - Re-Sign Miller for 5-6 plus million a year
        Plan C - Roll with Ajayi and hope that he stays healthy


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          I may just cancel my direct ticket if he is the pick at #8. This team has sooooo many bigger needs. Even if they don't resign Miller I'm comfortable with Ajayi and a serviceable veteran back up like Forte, Ivory, or one of the others out there. I'm even fine with picking a RB in later rounds or an UDFA to pair with Ajayi and Williams.

          This team needs defense in the first round, and if they don't go defense they need a stud OLineman. I would take Jack if he's there, if not Hargraves III, and if not him the best pass rusher on the board. I think it's too early for Lawson, but I'd be happier taking him there than a RB.

          So since I'm so against it, it will happen. lol


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            Completely Agree...

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          Well Elliott would give our offense a boost. If Hargreaves is gone and we trade down and take Elliott then I would feel better about it. However we need defensive and o-line help more than anything else. Is Elliott enough of a difference maker? I would rather address our defense and o-line and we can find a quality RB in the later rounds. Devontae Booker in the 3rd round or Paul Perkins in the 4th round would be good options.


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            Won't happen IMO. Even is Miller walks in FA, we're rolling with Ajayi, who would have been low 1/high 2nd round if not for knee concerns, and Williams, who has shown progress, then maybe a later round RB.

            Defense is too vital. This draft is heavy on DT and LB. I fully expect to see us with either Jack or Hargreaves one or the other at #8.


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              With so many other glaring deficiencies, if a seriously boneheaded pick like this were to be made with the #8 pick overall, it would truly confirm my suspicions that this franchise doesn't have a f#@king clue,, not a one, what they're freakin' doing!


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                Look at the RB's on the two SB teams.. No super high draft pick there. Defense is what wins championships. Even the best RB's in the league like AP, McCoy, Lynch, Gurly, etc.. didn't carry their team to a championship or even the playoffs in some instances. One could argue that Lynch did with Seattle, but I'd argue it was the Seattle defense that was the key to that teams success. I just don't see drafting any RB when we have a promising young back like Ajayi under contract.


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                  My opinion is the same as it has been for years. Sign some talented, experienced vets in free agency to make the offensive line the best it can be, then go all defense in the draft and make the Dolphins defense the toughest we've seen since the 70's.


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