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  • Pacman Jones? NOOOOOO

    There’s been plenty of talk in the past day or so about the Cowboys possibly making a play for cornerback Adam Jones, who spent a season in Dallas earlier in his career. And, yes, the Cowboys are in play for a reunion. But other teams are, too.

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins, Vikings, and Browns also are in the mix for Jones. The Bengals likewise hope to retain him.

    Jones has spent six seasons with the Bengals. He heads to free agency after his first career Pro Bowl berth. In 2014, he was the first-team All-Pro kick returner.

    During a Tuesday appearance on PFT Live, Jones said he expects the Bengals to turn their attention to trying to get him re-signed soon. He added that his agent already is hearing from teams that would be interested in signing Jones, if he doesn’t return to Cincinnati.

    He’s admitting that tampering is happening. But here’s a shocker: Tampering is happening. It has been, and it will be. It’s a way of life in the NFL, and it allows everyone to know what a player’s options are before he signs a contract.
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    Don't need the cancer.....

    Cheap and dirty player, no thanks.....


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      I hate that SOB. With that said if he ends up on the phins he's one of my 53 favorite players lol. Honestly I don't want cancers like Jones, but the squeaky clean route we've taken over the past decade hasn't exactly worked out for us so I'm fine with bringing in Aaron Hernandez on work release if it means we'll finally see a playoff game. Desperate times call for desperate measures..
      The Dynamic Duo ! - BOOM! POW!


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        No thanks, there are better free agent DB's available.


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