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Oliver Vernon controlling the Dolphins off season?

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  • Oliver Vernon controlling the Dolphins off season?

    I'm overstating to a degree but, what he does has such a domino effect on everything Miami will and can do this off season as well as the team's future. Some food for thought.

    If he signs a reasonable long term deal we are in good shape with the cap, can keep Miller, add a VG FA at CB along with an OG, and have space left for other need.

    If we tag him, we need to restructure Suh at 29 where we have no out after 2017 affecting the present and future of the team.

    If we want to tag and trade, he has to approve the deal or there will be none. We could get left with nothing.

    OV's decision will have a big impact on what we will do in FA as well as the draft.

    I can't recall any single player having this much impact on what our team does. This coming from a third round pick. Who woulda thunk it?

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    I always appreciate how you link the business stuff (which i simply never pay attention to) with the football stuff. I hope we sign Vernon he is solid.


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      I wish it did not matter as in days gone by my friend but a necessity in today's NFL

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    I hate to think this is true but you may be right on the mark. I view Vernon as our defensive Ryan Tannehill. He's shown flashes and put up some of the right numbers, however, neither show up in key moments and are more likely to make a play to seal defeat than victory with the game on the line. Both saw their value raised in free agency based on the reasoning that "who else are you going to get" more than what have they really accomplished and what have they earned. I like the idea of applying the non-exclusive tag, finding a team to sign him to a long term deal and getting at least a high #2 for him. It's a gamble but I'm near certain we could work a trade pretty quickly. I'll bet Terrence Fede puts up better than 7 sacks if given full-time duties for a whole season. The drop-off, if any, at that DE position will be made up for in the whole by adding another #2 pick or better at another position of need. If we end up with him on the roster we have to hope he plays
    1 1/2 times better than Cam Wake's best year because that is what he'll be getting paid to do.


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