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    What scares me a little is his comments at the end. He is taking a back seat to the GM????? Shouldnt he be telling the GM exactly what he wants and to go out and get it?

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    It could be a smart move. It's a move that could secure his job if Tannebaum and his puppet Grier don't do a good job at finding the talent needed to get to the playoffs. By taking a back seat there is less finger pointing that can go on. It's the Tannenbaum Show now. He never tried to have a professional relationship with Hickey because he wanted to be in charge all along. By promoting Grier from within the Dolphins now have a SCOUT who is pretending to be a General Manager. Sound familiar?? I'm sure if Tannenbaum blows the draft and free agency he will use Grier as his fall guy but hopefully somebody close to Ross will clue him in on who is really responsible. HOPEFULLY this is NOT a conversation any of us have to have and Tannenbaum learns from his past mistakes and does an excellent job in Free Agency and the Draft. Ross should be telling the media that Tannenbaum only has 2-3 years to right this ship if he is going to make moronic press conferences like he has.


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      He's a first time HC working with a new team and a new FO. He also won't meet most of his new team or be able to evaluate them for a couple months until OTAs begin.

      Taking his time and learning the lay of the land is exactly what he should be doing. He is fully involved though and has a voice at the table.

      I'm just kind of coming in and getting a feel for how they work. The great thing that we did, we sat down with the coaching staff, we talked about what we're looking for and Chris has done a great job of getting with our scouts, we've talked through the types of attributes we're looking for in each player and so as we go through this process, I'm really taking a little bit of a back seat to some of this because we're all trying to learn each other.
      Not sure there was anything to be alarmed about with his statements.


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        And that's all I got to say 'bout that.
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