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Olivier Vernon vs. Michael Oher

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  • Olivier Vernon vs. Michael Oher

    I don't mind seeing a fight, and this wasn't anything that got out of hand like the Cowboys-Rams brawl. This team has had that brook trout look longer than I would like, so I'm all for some passion. And best of all was the reason for the fight: 1-on-1 drill, Oher jumps early, STILL gets beat wide, and has to tackle Vernon. Jaw away, Olivier, you earned it.

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    "The organization has struggled from a personnel standpoint over the years. For instance, they drafted me in the second round. . . . You don't recover from those types of mistakes." - Rob Konrad

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    Awesome! I love the way the rest of the team came running in to have Vernon's back. That will bond players to each other.


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      Perfect analysis bugman. I also like not only Vernon standing up for himself, but as Finatic said, the support of a wave of Dolphin defenders.


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        Yeah these guys are ready to play. They get tired of beating on each other and getting ready for competition and then at some point they are ready. I think they are ready on defense. They want to play.


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