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Matthews vs Stills- A Closer Look

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  • Matthews vs Stills- A Closer Look

    Matthews is 26 and a FA I expect to get around $5M a year. He has worked his ass off to become a legit NFL #2 WR, clicks with Tannehill, and was one of the few working out with him in the last two off seasons at his own expense, while making NFL lunch money. Last year, he caught 43 of 61 targets for a 15.4 average with 4 TD's before being injured.

    Stills is only 23 and gets $1.6m this year with no guarantee. He has more speed and is more of what you would like in a deep threat stretching the field. All QB's have said that it takes a year to click with a speed WR. Last year, he caught 27 of 63 targets for a 16.3 average with 3 TD's.

    I would love to keep both, and neither has hit their prime. Add in Parker and Landry and we have a "Kiddie Core" at WR which can become lethal sooner than later. What is Gase to do?

    I'm wondering if the best solution would be moving Cameron and going with more of a blocking TE. With these four "Young Guns" and adding in hopefully Miller with AJ, that one hell of a six pack on O for Tannehill. How many targets would Cameron get, and how much would a blocking TE help the run and protection?

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    I did not realize how young we are at the skill positions on O. Matthews at 26, Stills at 23, Landry at 23, Parker at 23, Miller at 24, and AJ at 22 is very likely the best group of young play making talen in the league, and no one has hit their prime.


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      Kenny Stills also fought injures most of last season. In his limited snaps, he still out performed Mike Wallace. If he can stay healthy, he should have a very good season. Hoping our new WR receiver coach can teach him how to better work the sideline and not to leave his feet as DBs shoved him out once he went up and cost us plays...

      Hoping for more balance on offense this season and also better ball distribution.

      I'm expecting Matthews to test the waters. It's a weak WR FA class after Jefferies. I saw a Cowboys blog talking about him as a compliment to Dez. If we can't re-sign him, I'd prefer he not stay in the AFCE.


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        If they can't keep both they should try to keep Matthews. Stills is a waste of a roster spot much like Wallace was. Tannehill can't throw deep passes at a consistent level. Matthews is more value for what Tannheill can do and likes to do.
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