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Lamar Miller Wants To Be A Featured Back

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  • Lamar Miller Wants To Be A Featured Back

    Dolphins running back Lamar Miller will become a free agent on March 9, absent a new contract to stay in Miami. Wherever he goes, he wants to be the main man in the running game.

    “I want to be a featured back,” Miller recently told Joe Rose of WQAM in Miami, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “I want the recognition I deserve.”

    As a practical matter, it won’t result in a major change to Miller’s weekly workload. As Jackson notes, Miller averaged 15 touches per game the last two years. (Technically, 15.46.) Miller said on Rose’s show that Miller wants to average 20.

    Miller also said wants to stay with the Dolphins, for good reason. He played at the University of Miami, when to Miami Killian High School, and was born in Miami. Those dynamics could prompt a lowball from the Dolphins, which could in turn trigger a vapor trail from Miller.

    The free-agent market for running backs has been weak in recent years. DeMarco Murray was the exception in 2015, getting a deal worth $8 million per year from Philly. Murray’s performance last year could make it harder for backs like Miller and Doug Martin to get a similar package.

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    I am torn on Miller. I feel like he has more potential than what he has already shown but I don't want to invest so much in him if we are not going to use him more.

    I would hate to see him end up with the Pats and haunt us for years to come. Thats usually how these things go with the Dolphins.


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      I have never really been a big fan of Miller. But, when I think about him a little deeper, shouldn't he be getting the same PASS that Tannehill is getting? Let's blame the offensive line for ALL his problems. He would have rushed for over 1,000 yards last season if the coaching staff didn't make sure that wasn't going to happen. Miller is YOUNG and behind a better offensive line he should be an even better running back then he already is. Can you imagine Lamar Miller playing behind the Cowboys offensive line? Well, the Dolphins could build an o-line like Dallas has which would of course help Miller, and Tannehill at the same time. Miller is only 24 years old and has done pretty good playing behind one of the worst o-lines in football. I would definitely take him over OV, and running backs are cheap to sign these days.


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        I'm also for Miller over OV.
        The deeper the roots, the higher the reach.


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          Miller is a good back but not sure he is great. I think he ends up in Dallas.


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            Originally posted by ONOle1 View Post
            Miller is a good back but not sure he is great. I think he ends up in Dallas.

            A lot of Dallas fans are hoping you're right.
            While it takes two to have an argument, it only takes one to walk away.


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