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Should The Dolphins Target 2016 or 2017 This Off Season?

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  • Should The Dolphins Target 2016 or 2017 This Off Season?

    Ross has said that the team is closer than many think. I'm not seeing it. There is the possibility of replacing starters at RB, TE, 2 OG's, 2 DE's, DT, 2 LB's, S, and 2 CB's. We are good on our kickers. That's a dozen starters with new coaches and schemes on O and D. Ross and I apparently differ on the definition of close.

    We have signed a lot of FA's in recent years. If you look at the results, what do we have left on this years team? Albert who has been healthy for around half of the last two seasons. Grimes who gave a couple of VG years but is now old. Suh who is a great player. Wake, a borderline FA from Canada, who has been Great but is now old. That's it. They all cost a ton of money and what does the team have to show for it? Winning 8 games?

    I'm hoping for some reality and direction this year from our new staff but, doubt Ross will allow it. I want to keep our own in OV and Miller, young building blocks, and sign young FA's as a few more additional building blocks at OG, CB, and maybe another one or two if they are options.

    I have to move on from Grimes, Wake (?), plan the same for Albert next year, and Misi. They cannot be in the future plan for this team. It's time to move on and target 2017 to be a legit contender. Our future is not now. JMO

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    Any given season. You just never know with this team, with great new coaching, a stellar Draft class and a good FA class can make them competitive and surprise next year. We only got now so when the season comes around, I will expect no matter how unlikely.
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      Originally posted by So Be View Post
      Ross has said that the team is closer than many think.
      Closer to what? Going 0-16? At this point in Ross' ownership, and past coach choices, I really don't think anything Ross says about football can be taken seriously.


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        Two years from now with all great draft picks and all great FA signings, we might have a D that could get into the PO's


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          Ross is a CLUELESS IDIOT!!!...........


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