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  • Dolphins Draft Pick Starting Team

    Here's an interesting view of what Miami's team could have looked like with only the players drafted by the team.

    QB- Tannehill

    RB- Miller and Ajayi

    WR- Landry, Parker, Matthews

    TE- CLAY

    OL- Pouncey, Thomas, Turner Douglas,, James, LONG

    DL- Vernon, ODRICK, Phillips, Shelby, Wake (?) Not drafted but played with no other team.

    LB- Jenkins, Misi, Hewitt, Vigil, Jordan

    S- Jones, Aikens


    Not too bad. How much help have FA's really been?

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    Some spilt milk and what if's for sure but, something to think about. IF Big Jake is the 10 year fixture we hoped for and Jordan is the play maker he should have been, things look entirely different. Our picks were not that bad but, then they got to the coaches handling them.


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      yeah, but if if's & but's...

      I think our drafting over the years has been from god-awful to nothing remarkable; a bit better these last few...But obviously the whole point is to fill your roster with solid starters & it's absolutely paramount that you hit on a few studs as well.. As you say, Jake Long could pretty much fit that category but the jury is still out on most of the guys listed here, including RT who has been solid but drafted @ 8 and after 4 years, we would've hoped that he was firmly entrenched as our QB for the future...


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        IMO, you have 15 solid to VG NFL starters listed. Two huge omissions are Jake and Jordan picked #1 and #3 overall. The picks were not as bad as some think.


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          Jake Long only played in 4 games in 2015 and 7 in 2014... no thanks. Charles Clay did not have a better season than Cameron did. There was like 1 TD and 200 yards difference in their numbers. Didn't miss Odie at all really and Aikens was hot garbage at FS... Thomas was better, but only marginally.

          While I'd love to build the team thru the draft, we have to do better at drafting. I think last draft was solid start with Parker, Phillips, Ajayi, McCain, and Lippitt all flashing talent. Parker put up 500 yards and 3 TDs in half a season's snaps. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a full season.


          • DolphinsFreak
            DolphinsFreak commented
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            I agree. The front office for the Dolphins have failed their fans and the organization. The Drafted Starting Lineup listed above is NOT a playoff caliber team. The o-line is a mess, the linebacking corps is even worse and the d-line is questionable at best. The FRONT OFFICE must do better in the Draft AND in Free Agency. Actually, Free Agency does work IF you have the right people in the front office making better decisions then the Dolphins have made in the past.

          • So Be
            So Be commented
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            Cuch, I need a translator or you need a few pints. LOL

            I'm looking at Long who many thought would be a 10 year fixture at LT but, did not happen. Looking at Jordan as a play maker but, did not happen. No one can dispute their talent in picking them but. did not work.

            The rest I posted have 15 legit starters to different degrees. IF they were all on the team playing to the level they have shown, the drafts do not look so bad.

          • cuchulainn
            cuchulainn commented
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            Hope so... Chris Grier, Adam Gase, and Vance Joseph were all highly valued at their positions and interviewed or sought after for interviews by other teams. Would be nice to have a FO, HC, and coordinators all on the same page and involved in the decision making process going forward. This is the biggest off-season and upcoming season we've had since 2012. Let's hope they get it right...

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          When you look at the above draft picks and compare them to FA, how much has FA helped us? We have gone through many for a ton of money and we have Albert, who is always hurt, Grimes who is old, and Suh who is great. All three are great players but, how have they helped out team to do anything more than we would have done without them?

          What would have been the difference if we just kept our own and not paid for FA's?


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            Albert has played more and played mush better than Jake. He also played in 9 games last year and 14 games this season. That's 23 games the past 2 years compared to Jake's 11...

            If Jake would've done anything for us, it would have been to have forced the FO to find a better tackle to developer or act as a swing tackle than Jason Fox and also Billy Turner, who's been a huge disappointment.

            On the DL, Odie was nothing special IMO... a likable guy, but JAG... same with Misi at LB... and we could have had some special players instead of the guys we did take back in 2010.

            As I said, hoping we do much better drafting moving forward...


            • So Be
              So Be commented
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              I watched every snap on the OL and no way Albert was healthy for 14 games, more like 8-9. NOT saying what Jake is but, what he coulda, woulda, shoulda been in the expectations of most.

            • cuchulainn
              cuchulainn commented
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              I wasn't saying he was healthy. But even at 60% to 70% of his normal health, he was better than any other person on the team we could have put out there and I think he still better than Jake would have been... and that's a real shame.

              Really thought Jake would have LT locked down for us for a decade or more. He just can't stay healthy and is a shadow of his former self.

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