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The fans are buying in...literally

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  • The fans are buying in...literally

    Looks like the fans are buying in. It would be great for that stadium to be rockin for every home game.

    Can we sign this guy?

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    That has to be credit to the anticipation that these team will contend this year. Would be great to see home games packed with loud and proud Dolphins fans.


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      Well the stadium capacity has been reduced by 10,000 seats, so it's easier to sell out. But I don't recall seeing many games in the last few years that were even that close. I think you guys are right, there is an anticipation and buzz to this years team. I also love that the seats have been moved closer to the field raining more noise down on an opponent, much more like the old Orange Bowl used to be. As fans, we all want to get excited about our team, they need to reward the fans with a maximum amount of fire and effort.


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