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    As much as I would love for him to be our next HC, but that wasn't Ross' gut feeling, he did a terrible job as OC play calling last night.....

    You have to be a little more aggressive than run. pass, pass the whole game...

    Not sure stat wise, but I wold bet %90 of the Panthers 1st down plays were runs, well runs in the since they handed off the ball, but only to be in 2nd and 10 immediately afterwards, then they set up for an obvious pass, which backed them up 5 more yards as their tackles couldn't wait till the ball was snapped, which then allowed the Donks to put the heat on Cam and Co.

    Over and over the same play calling, worthless, didn't have a plan for Denver's pass rush...It's like they went into this game believing they would rack up another 50 by halftime....and had no back up plan...

    Granted from the get go Cam looked like he didn't want to be there, and Rotten Crotchery could catch a ball, or Cam couldn't deliver a pass any where near a WR...

    Give it to Wade Phillips, he had his boys in position and ready to play, and play they did....Kept Cam from escaping and hit him over and over again...

    Just surprised that Shula's only plays were run, pass, pass, punt.....

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    Over at the Panthers forums they hate him. It's like they never liked him but kept quiet as they were doing fine until last night and then attacked him like enemy 1. I don't get it.
    Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


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      I can't think of any OC that could have come up with a game plan to stop Denver's defense yesterday. They looked like they had 17 men on the field. I wouldn't go so hard on Mike Shula and blame him for the loss. Newton did not look comfortable at all. For the first time all season he looked nervous to me. I think the stage was overwhelming for him. He is young and arrogant and I think he underestimated how fast the Broncos defense was. They were coming at him at all angles. Their linebackers were FAST! His passes looked terrible compared to the ones he threw all season long. Stewart couldn't get anything going on the ground. He got injured early (Surprise!) and that didn't help. When it comes right down to it, the Broncos DEFENSE played amazing! They have been doing it all season long but kind flew under the radar because of the Panthers defense and their equally impressive offense. The Broncos defense was winning them games but their offense wasn't that impressive, so for some reason their D didn't get the attention it deserved.

      Maybe it's a good thing that they lost. Shula might have to stick in Carolina a couple more seasons and while he is getting more experience the Gase Experiment will be going on. I don't have much faith in this experiment so IF this experiment fails, maybe the new regime will have Mike Shula at the helm.
      "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton

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      • Dolfan1
        Dolfan1 commented
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        His Dad did run, pass, pass? I thought once Dan got here it was Pass, Pass, Pass?

      • Seadog
        Seadog commented
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        Could be, but I remember a lot of run, loss of 3 yards, pass,pass....

      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        Don Shula loved to run the ball down your throat but when Marino came into town he changed his tune a bit. The only problem was the Marino audibled out of many of their run plays, from what I read back in the day. Marino hated to hand the ball off, he wanted to air it out.

        I think the problem yesterday was two fold; the Broncos defense was just too good and fast, and Newton had a bad game and was just so overly confident that he didn't know what to do when things didn't go his way. He got spoiled all season long and that is probably acted like a brat when he lost.

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      Kinda glad we got Gase over Shula not on this one game but I just see Gase as more passionate with a chip on his shoulders. Offcouse that don't translate to success but the Panther fans have always had a love hate for Shula, maybe he is just too timid.
      Just frolic and live in the now like Dolphins and Man's best friend.


      • DolphinsFreak
        DolphinsFreak commented
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        The Panthers defense was outstanding this year but so was their offense. They had the highest scoring team in the NFL this past season so Mike Shula has to get a little credit for that and being the Offensive Coordinator of a team that averages about 30 plus points a game can't really be labeled timid any longer.

      • AquaXI
        AquaXI commented
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        I'm hoping Gase is our long term answer but if he fails in 3/4 years and Shula is ripe at that time then I'll also support him but I'm sure many will be clamoring for a D head coach by then.

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      They should totally fire their OL Coach. lol...


      • Driven_Phinsane!
        Driven_Phinsane! commented
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        LOL!!! If Cam cries enough (ala Brady), i'm sure it's coming!

      • cuchulainn
        cuchulainn commented
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        LOL... yeah, that was my exact thought... still waiting on Cam to start throwing people under the Cam Tram...

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