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How many sack or hits ?

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  • How many sack or hits ?

    How many sacks or hits do you pull RT tonight with Dallas Thomas at LT? Mine is one, and that might be too many. Gulp, I just want this game over already!!!!!!!

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    So you only want Tannehill to play three downs?


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      How many hits in week 1 against Redskins would you leave him in for? Are the hits harder in preseason? There were some postings in this forum with good suggestions like you can mitigate that rush with play action, running the ball, tight end stacks, RB chips and opposite direction roll outs. If the coaches feel like there is going to be a pass rush (I am not so sure), then they get the perfect opportunity to prepare for Bills, Jets and Texans. Game plan, execute and find a way to win, that's what champions do.


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        Well, if he gets sacked a number of times then I guess the brain trust should of been looking to improve the Oline in the Offseason and the draft... Can't get it to our fancy WR's if he's sitting on his ass..


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          Originally posted by Phintim Menace View Post
          How many hits in week 1 against Redskins would you leave him in for? Are the hits harder in preseason?

          No, the hits aren't any harder, but they ARE for nothing.
          Like a soldier being wounded in training, the injuries are just as real, even though there was no chance of "winning" anything. The lack of depth on our O-Line has most of us VERY concerned, even though we supposedly have some great OL-minds on staff... I myself, can't believe we didn't add one more interior lineman, or at LEAST hang onto Nate Garner for depth. We are facing a season where we can't afford to lose even ONE of the starting O-Line players, because we don't seem to have a plan "B"...


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            I may be completely wrong, but I thin Thomas will hold up well tonight. Lazor will help him out.


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              Everyone is saying we have to play our starters so RT must stay in there. has anyone noticed that both Pitt and the Bills each played 3 different QB's in the 1st half?


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                The Bills might have done that because they have no idea which subpar quarterback they plan to put out there week one. With that defense and their new RB and WR (Last Season) they might think about tanking this season so they can get a really good QB in the draft.


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                  Ok so the Steelers obviously know who their starter is but they chose to see their backups play, why can't we do the same thing. We obviously have no idea who is capable of being the 2nd string judging from what we have seen so far so why risk injury to Tannehill. Throw the back ups out there so we can see if ANY of them are worth keeping because from what I have seen none of them are good enough.


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                    I guess we will never know!

                    Ryan Tannehill
                    pressured 0
                    hit 0
                    sacked 0

                    Matt Ryan(and back ups)
                    pressured every drop back
                    hit dozens
                    sacked 6

                    I wonder if their fans were thinking that they were risking their starting QB and season facing our pass rush?
                    Phintim Menace
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